Oh please give me your input!

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    Which is your fav and why? I'm purchasing one of them today!
  2. I don't know much about coopers, but based on these pics, I like the color combo of the first one. Looks "fresh" IMO. I like the 2nd one too bc of the darker handles. The last one kind of looks like a band aid (sorry, no offense!).
  3. The second one looks the most intriguing to me :smile:
  4. I like number one as well. Not so much number 3 because it makes me think of a band aid. :sad:
  5. The one with the red.
  6. I ordered the bottom one on Thursday so I say that one :smile: Out of the two colorblock ones, I like the first one.
  7. I like number 1 for the upcoming Spring and Summer season. #2 is really nice too...just seems more Fall/winter to me...don't care for #3, now that the previous posters put that band aide Image in my mind! lol
  8. # 2
  9. Number 1 because I wear too many colors that would clash with the red, and in the same breath, that would be my second choice because the bandaid comment was made earlier in the preview thread and now it's stuck. If you don't see it that way then that's what matters. It's a very neutral color, but even then, it's very light and if it touched my jeans, I'd worry about denim transfer. I don't think the white in bag 1 would hit the denim because of the wide band of navy at the bottom.

    Plus there's something I love about the blues. Maybe it's the fresh feel of spring and summer like someone else commented. Even in high school I felt that way about navy and white.

    OMG, I reread my post... Bandaid is stuck on me! Now that jingle is STUCK! Am I showing my age! LMAO!
  10. I'm not offended. It's always a matter of personal preference and I did ask for your opinion. The gold is very pretty though.
    The second does look interesting. I think because there's not a lot of white which I don't normaly do. But I'm thinking about venturing into light colors. Ialso love the handles on this bag. I have a feeling that red isn't as red as I wish but it does pop!
    Why do you like the lighter one more? I ask because I don't tend to sell off bags, I keep 90% of my collection. Do you think it's better long term over the other?
  11. I like #2 more, but it probably is a matter of what goes best with your wardrobe. If #1 matches your clothes the most, I'd go with what is most practical.

    I'm not a fan of #3 because I too think it looks like a band-aid, especially in that color.
  12. Yeah, it's kind of stuck. lol. I do own a perforated duffle that I love though.

    lol. that was funny. That's why i tend to shy away from light bags because of denim transfer. I'll have to take another look at it. The blues are really pretty...esp washed oxford.
  13. I like #2 the best because #1 reads a little nautical to me, but whichever would match your wardrobe best!
  14. i wear alot of denim. i'm pretty casual. if i had to describe it...bohemian tomboy :smile:. All of them would work though.

    I was thinking that the color was making that bag feel that way. There's an all white but it is ALL white. I can not do it!
  15. I am a sucker for blues and greens, so my vote is for the first one!