oh oh. what does this mean?

  1. what does this mean?

    my new mizi has "made in spain" on the inside of the bag, but outside of the bag says "made in paris" on the leather.

    does that make sense? :weird:
  2. wow.. really?
    thats weird.. sorry can't help
  3. Mine says made in Paris in and out...I bought mine from the LV store in Ft. Lauderdale. (I can't imagine 2 different names!)
  4. Does it say made in Paris, or does it say "Louis Vuitton Paris" ?
  5. I checked my Mizi. On the inside it says "Louis Vuitton Paris" then below that "Made in Spain" and on the outside it says "Louis Vuitton Paris".
  6. ^^^^ That sounds about right. It usually says Louis Vuitton Paris then below it usually says where the bag is made.
  7. Like purse said you don't need to worry it's correctly staped. By the way: beautiful bag!!!