oh oh oh, just got back from the LV boutique.....come see!!

  1. FIRST I HAVE A QUESTION..................do larger handbags usually get put into these fold up type boxes or do they have larger 2 pc boxes that these bags fit into cuz I really don't like this one they gave me. Darn myself for not looking before I left the boutique!!

    ok so here goes:

  2. BTW, I went to the Beverly Center (GPS said 28 miles away and 30 mins to get there but I swear it took me almost an hour!) and they were SOLD OUT of this bag. So they called Rodeo and Century City who were also SO of this bag!! Must be a hot bag right now.

    Anywho I ended up getting it from H&H. Then I had to make a quick stop in Sherman Oaks at that mall. WOW, it was soooo much fun to drive all over LA in the rain w/my two little ones in tow! hehe
  3. sold out...hmmmmmmm
  4. [​IMG]

    lv2.jpg lv3.jpg
  5. ooh i can't wait to see what bag you got!
  6. damier something???
  7. hmmm... i cant wait to see pics!
  8. Let us see!!!!!!! Yes, my speedy mirage came in this kind of box.
  9. k, totally not liking this box. Called the BC store back and they said they are out of stock on the box I need but to call back for box 34 sometime later this week or next week. kinda funny........hehe.
  10. I have one of these boxes, my Rita came in it..I think its better for bigger bags...
  11. shoot, I was only able to take one pic before my camera battery died!!

    ok so here is my NEW BATIGNOLLES VERTICAL!! I'll take more pics in about half hour:

  12. Very nice!! Congrats!
  13. My bags have come from a box and gahhhh teaser pics... do not want :push:
  14. ^^ i always get these boxes for my bags the only 2 piece box i got was for my speedy.
  15. They were giving out only these kinds of bags in SG (Ngee Ann). Too bad because I also like the two piece boxes more.