OH OH! My gold chain on GST is opening up!

  1. Hi everyone!

    I've just used my GST bag for less then 1 week...I had just noticed that one of the gold chains on my bag is opening up a little!!! What should I do? It's the the big round gold one by the purse...its the one that is weaved in with the leather.
    Please advise!!!
    Thank you!
  2. go back to where you bought it and demand a new one (and don't let them talk you into letting them fix it) -- this is unacceptable!
  3. Take it back to Chanel...
  4. take it back!! that's unbelievable!
  5. Yes take it back to chanel and DONT let them talk you into fixing it.
  6. Yes, please either exchange for another GST if one is in stock, or return for credit until one can be located for you.
  7. I got mine at Nordstroms(actually, it was shipped to me from the one in Seattle, but their is a Chanel boutique at the Nordstrom by where I live)...what if their policy is after I used it...I can't return it? Sigh....
    The gold thingy shouldn't be opening right?
  8. Well you've had it what? A whole week? I know that the boutique's return policy is 14 days... given that you haven't even had it that long if I'm understanding your post correctly and that it is defective, there is NO reason why you shouldn't be given another one without a defect. Given the price, I don't think it's unreasonable to want a perfect one. Good luck!
  9. Thank you for the well wishes ItsMyWorld. I think right now all the Nordstroms are out of stock with the GST's.
    Now I am thinking maybe I should of gotten the Cerf bag instead. Sigh....
  10. the same exact thing happened to me a couple weeks after i got my GST back in august/september of '06... i took it to the chanel boutique where i got it from, it got sent away and a couple weeks later came back fine. my SA at the time was very helpful with calling me to let me know when i would expect it back and whatnot. no charge b/c it happened within a year of purchase. to this day, it has never happened again.
  11. Can you post pics?
  12. How do I send the pix. I took a pix of the chain on my cell phone.

  13. Upload your photos first or email them to yourself from your phone. Save them to the computer and then host them from a website. I personally think that www.tinypic.com is the easiest and very user friendly.
  14. Although I can't visualize what is wrong with your GST, if it isn't right call Seattle and tell them what happened. The great thing about buying ANYTHING from Nordstrom is their fantastic return policy. They will make it right for you. I have utter and complete confidence that anything I purchase there will be good and they will stand behind it no matter how long you have had it.
    Judy -- a very loyal Nordstrom customer
  15. I agree with all above posts, besides, if the merchandise you purchased is DEFECTIVE, which it is if it can't even hold up for a week, then I think your exempt from whatever the typical return policy is! Don't be afraid to argue your rights! Even if the SAs are snooty!