Oh Nordstrom. You've done it again.

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  1. This weekend my mother and I were browsing around Nordstrom for a pair of heels for her to wear to dinner; the SA's were wonderful, always courteous and honest with their fashion advice, much unlike the 'pushy' employees that I always seem to run into at stores like Macys or LV.

    At the checkout line, I reminded my mother that we had brought along her ' Nordstrom Legacy' card from the 1990's, so we could go ahead and see if the account was still active. The man swiped the card, informed us that the account was too old and had been deactivated, but a lovely woman from Customer Service showed up at the desk almost immediately. She brought us (and the fantastic Kate Spade's my mother had found.. on sale!) to a delightfully decorated office, and offered to personally create a replacement for our now defunct account. A younger man brought in a few bottles of sparkling water, and the woman (apparently a manager) almost instantly produced two temporary replacement cards for our account.

    Because of all the spending my mother had done decades ago, they upgraded the account, dumped a massive amount of shopping perks onto our laps, and gave us an envelope with a few $20 Nordstrom Notes! After everything was said and done, the fabulous KS's were almost free!

    I always see multiple threads in this forum about how miserable Sales Associates are at various stores, and what a terrible shopping experience people have: here's to thanking the incredible staff at Nordstrom Ala Moana for brightening up my afternoon and providing me with a truly wonderful shopping experience. One thing you can always count on - Nordstrom employees are surely some of the best in the business.

    IF YOU'RE A BLUEFLY SHOPPER: I have a 10% discount code that expires fairly soon. If you're planning on spending upwards of a thousand dollars on bluefly, go ahead and send me a message and I'll be happy to give you my code (:
  2. ^Sweet!!!! I am so happy to hear stories like this....there is nothing like being treated with respect when shopping and OMG someone was genuinely NICE to you!!!! How rare these days!!! Thanx for taking the time to post this..it was a really nice read!!! And what a great memory/experience that you shared with your Mom!!! LOVE Nordies!
  3. I heart Nordstroms! Love that story!
  4. Nordstrom is truly the best! It is the ONLY place to go for a stress-free shopping experience. The SA's there are genuinely nice, honest, and accommodating. I have been shopping Nordy's (and one particular SA in POV) loyally for years and will hardly venture anywhere else. What a wonderful store!
  5. love it ... thanks for sharing :smile:
  6. You can't beat Nordstroms, for customer service. I don't understand why other retailers don't get it.
  7. Thats wonderful! You really can't beat Nordstrom and their customer service!
  8. that's a lovely story! Nordstrom really does go out of their way to provide great customer service. I get personalized thank you cards all the time after purchases.
  9. I agree. The Nordstrom employees at the White Plains, NY store are great. I have also received thank you cards a few times.
  10. Nordstrom by far has the best customer service! Great story:biggrin:
  11. That's wonderful, I always love hearing a good story about a good shopping experience! I too, love Nordstrom! They have the best deals and the best SA's.
  12. It's always so nice to see positive threads!!
    Glad you and your Mom had a wonderful day shopping.
    We have a good 8 - 10 Nordstrom stores in a 30 mile radius here, and I have to say everyone of them offers excellent customer service.
  13. Such a great story.....I just love Nordies - like everyone else. The SA's are so accomodating and help find exactly what you need!