OH NOOOOOOO LVR sale 50% off!

  1. Thanks for posting catcat! Unfortunately (or maybe, THANKFULLY?) none of the bags I have are there. These have been picked over and the prices plus the dollar to Euro exchange, and the 15% customs taxes make it less appealing. Maybe someone has been waiting for these to go down in price?
  2. Hey,
    I've never ordered from LVR, but the price on the side pocket paddy is looking really good to me... can you tell me how to calculate taxes? Are they paid separately, or after the shipment comes? :shrugs:

    I am in the US
  3. :nuts: Great price! For anyone who's looking for it should go and get it now!!!!
  4. Thanks catcat for posting! Great prices for anyone looking for these styles!
  5. Thanks. I missed the other sales this week so I got the Side Pocket Paddy in Muscade.
  6. Noshoepolish, can you tell me how much it came out to? I'm in the US too and I can't figure out what the tax will be. Do you pay add'l tax after the item comes into the country, or does LVR charge tax?

    Please help! I really want this bag too!:heart:
  7. Currency: EUR
    Amount: 590,00
    I would expect to pay customs when it arrives.
  8. Which should be like $890 or so plus the customs charges.
  9. Fedex typically charges 15% taxes. I bought from LVR twice and on both occasions had to pay 15% taxes for my purchases.
  10. man, I really want the edith, but i am still recovering after buying two paddies last year and a couple pairs of chloe shoes this year :sad:
  11. So if I bought a bag from LVR that cost $1400, I could expect to pay an additional 15% on top of the $1400? I'm trying to figure out if it's a better deal or not than just buying from NAP. Thanks.
  12. It seems to me after all the other charges total up, it doesn't come out to be a good after all.
  13. Hi. Just an FYI - if you use a debit card with LVR, make sure the bank doesn't freeze your account! I went to the PO to get a MO today and Wachovia had frozen my debit card because they wanted to make sure there wasn't any fraudulent activity. Of course it's tax day & the lines at USPS are long as ....
  14. sorry to ask this question: what side pocket paddy look like? anyone has the pics? tia