Oh NOOOOO!! Where is it????

  1. So I got myself my very first Hermes bag for my b-day (yesterday), Black Box Calf Kelly :yahoo:, and I'm tracking it online but it says it was delivered yesterday and a note was left. But I never got any notes and I am always the one to go check mail :crybaby::wtf:

    I know my mailperson has left notes ON MY DOOR before so that anyone can claim it (My post office is so busy no one checks for ID).

    I'm freaking out!!

  2. liz, don't panic.....ok....Hermes usually ships by FedEx....so make sure your tracking number is correct. Call your SA or get someone in your H boutique to confirm the correct number. If you do have the right number, then tell them you have been tracking it, the online site says it was delivered...but, you have no box! It was not delivered to you....you did not sign for anything....does THEIR ( H's ) information show any signature?

    Go through your SA or your store....contact them and let them find it for you. It's their responsibility to get it to you safely.

    Keep us posted.....ok?
  3. ACKKKK! Is this from Hermes or a reseller?
  4. It's not from Hermes. But I got it now!


    It's safe in it's new mommy's arms! :love:
  5. YAAY!!!!!

    ...um.......did you open it yet?
  6. ooooohhh this day has been soo much fun!!! Pls post pics, soon?? or NOW???!!! I love it when the ladies of H forum get new stuff esp if its their first bag!! how special!!!
  7. Congrats on your first Kelly! Can we see pics, please?
  8. I have to run to class right now but pics ASAP when I get home =)
  9. Can't wait for pics!!!!

  10. geez, what a frightening thread to start - happy ending though.
  11. omg omg............ahhhhhhhhh i want to see!! hurry girl!
  12. wuuuu... Black Box Kelly, congrats!!! pics, pics, pics!
  13. Congrates!!!!!! Pictures please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. congrats..... so happy for you... hopefully, you can post pics for us.... hehe thanks..
  15. Fantastic news! I love BB Kellys and I'll be waiting for pics later on!!