Oh nooooo there is a defect in my new jacket..!!!

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  1. Thanks to a lot of you guys helping me decide,

    I purchased the Acne Rita Shear in gray a couple of weeks back apart from a minor detail everything went perfectly well, jacket fits very nicely etc..
    I have not been able to wear he jacket yet as the weather here (south of france) is still really nice and warm.
    I just tried it on to check the size.

    Today I pulled it out to check how it would look with a dress I just bought and when I tried it on and tried to close the collar I realisez that there was a problem it seems as if it is slightly ripped. :shocked:
    First I thought this was ment to be but after closer inspection it seems as if this is not the case and I fear when I actually will start wearing it it will get worse.
    I am shure you understand that I was more than unhappy...

    I purchased via their website ,but it's normally too late to send it back, I send them a mail with a pic. I don't live close to a Flagshipp store, and I don't know if I can/should send it back for repair/exchange but there is a nationwide general strike in France starting tomorrow and I don't want for this to take ages. Should I get it repaired here, but I don't know if I can trust my local repairshop with it?
    I am quite mad now. I hate to go thru all the hassle of back and forth it kills the joy ...phhh


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  2. i'd just take it to get repaired. It doesn't seem (by the pictures) to be a major rip or cut...
  3. oh, I would also be upset. I bought recently a current/elliott jeggings and it ripped at the knees the second time I wore it. so upsetting and that really couldn't be fixed.

    I would contact them and see what they say in return, and if you are not happy with the proposed solution you can always take it to a local tailor and get it fixed. It doesn't seem too bad so it could be done easily. don't let this take away from the joy of this truly amazing jacket!
  4. They are very professional, send a mail today and offered an exchange i just hope that the new one will have as nice shearling as this one. Am a bid scared...
  5. ^ I would think that Acne will return an equally amazing quality to you - hope it will work out according to your wishes.