OH NOOOO!!! ...WARNING: kinda long.

  1. So I'm two days away from my trip to Toronto (then off to Dominican), one of the things on my shopping list for Toronto is my Azur Pochette, so I called the 1866 vuitton # and asked them what I should do to ensure that I can get one while I'm there and they told me that as long as I call the day before to put one on hold for me that would be fine. In the meantime, my bf's friend also wants to buy a bag for himself, it was the Danube (sp?!) so my bf has been calling the stores asking about the bag and inquiring about mine too. So he calls me today and tells me that it's been discontinued and I told him, it can't be, it's a permanent line! Then he tells me that maybe he misunderstood the person he was talking to because they had a french accent and cound't understand (he thought the SA said "pear", but it could have been how he pronunced "azur"). so then he tells me to call and be sure. So I called the 1866 # and they said there is one left in Toronto, so I call that store and ask if they could put it on hold for me until Friday, the SA (which was a HE and totally nice!) said he can't b/c since it's the last piece and a newly released item he can't do that. He did advise me that they might get another shipment in tomorrow with more pieces and to just call back tomorrow night and if they have it he can put it on hold for me..


    sooooooo..now....I'm kinda upset that I won't be able to buy my bag if they don't have any in stock while I'm in TO, but I guess I can always just get it shipped to me...*sigh* I dunno..i just feel blah now...
  2. Aw, i'm feelin for ya, sure things will be fine. Is there only the one store in Toronto? Who knows, maybe you could try elsewhere or even though it misses the in store experience, eluxury?
  3. GerogesLV: can't do elux cuz I'm in Canada...there are 3 stores in TO but only one store right now has the bag instock...I'm only in TO for two days and don't know if Yorkdale (the 3rd store) is far from downtown, cuz I don't want to take precious shopping time away from my bf (he's the one doing major shopping)...i was just trying to cut the shipping cost...we'll see how it goes in a couple days!
  4. oh no! im sorrY! ill keep my fingers crossed for you, also have a fabulous trip!
  5. yorkdale isnt far from downtown...
    if you take the subway from bloor...
    you get on at bay and then switch one station later at st.george and go up the yellow line to yorkdale... its about 20 minutes...
    and its about a 15 minute drive from dt to yorkdale!
    i hope it works out for you!
  6. ^^
    erm.. not trying to be rude, but just want to share that I've had different experiences.

    Depending on whether you have to wait when you transfer, etc. I usually get on the subway to Yorkdale from Union Station which is at the bottom of the loop and it takes about 30-40 minutes non-stop (no transfers).

    and it has never taken me only 15 minutes to drive from downtown to Yorkdale. I guess it depends exactly where in downtown and what time you're driving. Given that you're a visitor I would assume that the subway option would probably work best for you. I think driving has the potential to take awhile too depending on where downtown you're coming from and also whether there's traffic.

    Just wanted to mention so that you don't think it's super super close and end up using up more time than you thought and end up late or not making it to a certain place before it closes...

    Sorry chanel princess! I'm not trying to go against what you said - just wanted to give just_jill a more conservative estimate.
  7. that sucks. hope you can come home with your pochette!
  8. yes it depends on which subway station you are at. For chanel princess's case, it makes sense it would take her 20 minutes to get to yorkdale but as she said she's going there from Bay that is mid-way to yorkdale. of course it takes less time than where you are going from (Union)--> as you said it is at the bottom on the loop. From Union to Bay, it takes quite some time. Sorry Jadecee i'm not saying you are wrong, I also just want to give just_jill a more clear picture. Also, if just_jill wants to go to yorkdale from the LV store, the nearest station from LV store is Bay, so it absolutely make sense why chanel princess point out to start from Bay station. :smile:
  9. its okay being conservative is good...
    but then since both the other two LV's are on bloor street... it just seems easier to assume that that she would start off at bay station...
    that way you can hit bloor holt LV, than LV boutique than you can hop on the subway (either at bay) or walk down towards avenue to st.george station (located on bloor and bedford) and that would take you straight up to yorkdale without transferring
  10. THANKS for the info! I'm going to write it down, it'll be my worse-come to worse scenario! I used to live in TO 5 years ago for a year when I did my first year university at UTSC and now I totally forgot everything! haha!
  11. You can call back and ask to purchase it, give him your cc and then have him hold it for pick up!

    I have done that before :smile:

    Have fun on your trip!

  12. oooh that could be an option except I maxed my card and just bringing cash! haha...i COULD call for an increase and put the money i have saved for the bag onto my CC and decrease it again....*sigh* my cc company might be annoyed of me! we'll see if I can catch them today, LV might be closed by the time i get off work.
  13. I hope you enjoy your trip! AND they have your pouchette in stock, you might get lucky!
  14. Can't you just give him y our c/c info and have him hold it until you get there. It would be paid for so it should be a big deal for them.

    Otherwise i hope they get a shipment and can set one aside for you.

  15. ahh! that makes sense! I didn't even think about that.. I was wondering why you chose Bay as the starting point! I thought maybe you just lived there or you usually go from Bay to Yorkdale! :lol: :shame: Stupid me!

    Sorry about that! I was just envisioning scenarios like her estimating just enough time to zip in there to take a look only to realize the stores are closed already.