oh nooo!!! Nail polish on my shawl

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  1. My DD was playing with my dark red nail polish and spilled it on my "jungle love" 140x140 cachmere shawl!!!
    I was:wtf:

    Do you think it will ever came off?
  2. Acetone is about the only thing that will remove nail polish, and it most likely would also make a hole in this delicate fabric. I'm afraid this may end up being a VERY hard lesson learned about keeping nail polish well out of the reach of small children and ones shawl carefully put away and also out of her reach. I'm SO sorry - I would be devastated.
  3. So sorry for you! Just leave it alone. Acetone will burn a hole right thru it. The good news with anything large is that an imperfection can get lost in the folds. Wear it and forget about it and lock up the nail polish!
  4. I am devastated...
    I will try the dry clean but with no hope...
    Thank you all!
  5. costa, I hope you can safely get the stain out.
  6. Costa, have you tried calling an expert dry cleaner like Madame Paulette's in New York? MP is supposed to be expert at tough stains and delicate fabrics. Ask if there is anything they could do to lighten or remove the stain, if you don't live nearby I believe they allow you to send your item to them. Good luck!
  7. elle tee, that's a great suggestion! I've heard they're the best at stain removal, particularly the tough ones.
  8. Oh dear, I hope it is something you can fold around. I wouldn't put anything on it myself - talk to your drycleaner and see if they can advise anything. If not, I'd call Mme. Paulette as suggested above. Maybe you can also send an em to the Customer Service group at Hermes.com. I have a feeling that there isn't going to be a good way to get the stuff out without damaging the fabric though. I'm sorry this happened.
  9. Thank you for the good advice and the wishful thoughts.

    I got the name of the dry cleaner that warks for Hermes here.

    I live in Europe but I will call MP if the dry cleaner will say there's nothing to do.

  10. costa, good luck. :heart:
  11. Costa - So sorry this happened to you! maybe try letting it dry then try to "peel" it off? good luck!
  12. I got it off!!!:yahoo:
    The dry cleaner made a wonderful job and you can't even see where it was.:heart: Thanks for your advices!
  13. Hurrah!!!!!! What was their magic?
  14. Congrats! Thank goodness there's a happy ending for you. Now can any of you tell me how to get pasta sauce off my scarf???
  15. Costa I'm so glad things worked out for you and your shawl!

    Kelly32, I see you're in NYC. My SA told me that Hermes sends things to TieCrafters, but that Madame Paulette is also a good choice. If you've got a bad stain, I would try one of those places as they are used to working with Hermes silks. Good luck!