Oh no :(


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Jun 16, 2012
Oh no! I hope they can help. So glad I listened to you, and put mine up until I replace my iPad cover with something else. I'm also worried about my gucci makeup bags print and wonder if that would color transfer?

Keep us posted if they can get stain out.
Dec 7, 2005
Well not really they said I might have to pop to the original store I got from to see if they will go anything like a exchange.I can't believe it I've had it for 2weeks how quick it's got marks on it I've noticed some blue ones as well! The manager at the store that I did show it to said that it should have been discussed before we bought it that this could happen. Every time I've shopped at LV nobody is bothered to discuss anything after uve bought a product they give u the little care envelope. Oh well guess I'll have to live with but it makes me sad!
Jul 3, 2006
Unfortunately, color transfer is a risk, but not a defect. It just means you have to take care with it that you don't put anything near it that will cause permanent marks. I'm pretty sure the care booklet mentions it, but they should have told you too.