Oh No!!!

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  1. Ok, I just posted about my beautiful Adele being here and I think it's BROKEN!! :crybaby: The lock on the front isn't staying closed, it keeps popping open! I tried holding the tabs together while I close it (very strange), and it's not working. That is all with nothing in it, what's it like when there is stuff in it?

    I just got off the phone with 866 VUITTON and they said it shouldn't be like that. She also said that there isn't another one ANYWHERE to exchange it for! :cursing: UGH, I think I'm going to cry! She was going to see what she could do and then call me back. It shouldn't of even been sold if it has something wrong with it, should it? I think it was a return in the first place (after talking to them today I found that out)!

    I'll let you know what they say when I hear back from them!
  2. that's not right, they should of made sure everything was in perfect condition before shipping
  3. Sorry to hear that :sad:

    Maybe they can fix it for you??

    Keep us posted--I hope everything works out for ya :smile:
  4. oh my! now THIS is a defect! I'm so sorry this is happening to you! you must be so heart-broken for your new baby! ughhh...I'm so distraught for you, especially since it's a beautiful bag. keep us informed!

    btw are you sure it's all gone world wide? cuz I htink I saw one at my local boutique the other day, but I'm in Canada..........:shrugs:
  5. sorry to hear his

    hope they can fix it for you, or exchange other one
  6. I'm sorry that it is broken. Hopefully, it can bew repaired without too much of a hassle.
  7. Sorry to hear about the lock. Hope they can exchange/fix it quick!
  8. I noticed that mine is difficult to close too. I usually don't lock the front part, but I was putting it up for a while & couldn't get it to close. The same exact thing happened. I worked with it, and put my hand under the lock & finally got it closed. I probably need to take it in for an adjustment, & you should too.
  9. hope they can fix it for you...
  10. OMG I would be :Pissed:
  11. Oh no...I feel for you.....let us know how it turns out...sending lots of good vibes your way for another one to replace it.....:yes:
  12. ughhh..that sucks! Ihope they can do something for ya!
  13. That really bites! Hope they figure something out for you! Good luck!:flowers: