oh no!


Jan 19, 2006
That's awful! :sad: I'm so sorry, I thought my paypal account was hacked (was a phishing email), and I'll never forget that feeling. I hope they fix it for you right away. The people that hack other people's account are such scum.


Flaunt your Fringe
Dec 7, 2005
I was gone from my computer for maybe an hour while I gave the baby a bath and put him to bed, cleaned up the toy room and I find a ebay message in my email and someone told me that someone hacked my account and was posting on the ebay boards. I guess they found the link in my ME page??


Jan 8, 2006
allison said:
I just found out my account on ebay was hacked again. I want to cry :cry: I'm waiting on live help now. I hope they hurry!

hey allison

it happened to me yesterday - well last night - all day i've been changing passwords etc.... its driving me nuts! im like checking my cc balance every hour just in case - its best to be safe than paranoid!

unfortunately, since this has happened, i dont think i'll be logging on to eBay again - quite OTT but at least i can still have a look through! :amuse: i'll wait for my last eBay purhase to arrive and then i'll stop bidding on things... it just kinda freaks me out and im trying to save!!!

allison i hope everything works out for you! :amuse: