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  1. I just found out my account on ebay was hacked again. I want to cry :cry: I'm waiting on live help now. I hope they hurry!
  2. Oh sheesh! It's been hacked into before? What do people do to your account when they hack into it?
  3. That's awful! :sad: I'm so sorry, I thought my paypal account was hacked (was a phishing email), and I'll never forget that feeling. I hope they fix it for you right away. The people that hack other people's account are such scum.
  4. Good luck friend!! I hope everything works out for you and the thieves have their hair set on fire.
    How did it happen?
  5. I was gone from my computer for maybe an hour while I gave the baby a bath and put him to bed, cleaned up the toy room and I find a ebay message in my email and someone told me that someone hacked my account and was posting on the ebay boards. I guess they found the link in my ME page??
  6. last time they hacked me, they tried to sell a bunch of warcraft crap. I hope they aren't trying to sell anything this time.

    ooo live help finally logged on. BRB!
  7. AHAH! WTF?

    Alright, good luck with the live help people!!
  8. yay ebay is fixing my account!
  9. See, they say it's the good-looking, tall, dark men with money and manners you can't trust.... when in reality it's the nerdy hackers who play Warcraft.

    Lesson learned.
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! :lol:
  11. I hope it's fixed soon! That sucks, I have heard of accounts being hijacked, but twice? :evil:
  12. hey allison

    it happened to me yesterday - well last night - all day i've been changing passwords etc.... its driving me nuts! im like checking my cc balance every hour just in case - its best to be safe than paranoid!

    unfortunately, since this has happened, i dont think i'll be logging on to eBay again - quite OTT but at least i can still have a look through! :amuse: i'll wait for my last eBay purhase to arrive and then i'll stop bidding on things... it just kinda freaks me out and im trying to save!!!

    allison i hope everything works out for you! :amuse:
  13. ROTFLOL :lol:
    I'm glad they're fixing it quickly.
  14. How do they hack into accounts anyway? They manage to guess your password?
  15. OMG :lol: I'm laughing and crying at the same time!