1. As you all know, I have been debating which size bbag to get my rouge vif in. Well, this morning I had a phone call that changed all my plans....... :s

    I had been trying to track down a Chloé betty bag in black patent. I have been desperately trying to get my grubby hands on one for nearly a year and have had my name on the waiting lists at many shops. I had given up hope a few months ago when I was told that the black patent had sold out.

    Well, this morning I got a call telling me that there was a black patent betty awaiting me. It is not in the size that I want (it is the next size down) but I have had to really consider this as I know if I let this go now, I will not get the chance to have one again.

    Sadly, this means that I have to put my rouge vif on hold. Hopefully only till next month when I will hopefully still be able to track one down. I have really given this thought and I feel that there is a much bigger chance of my bbag still being available in the next month or so than the Chloé betty.

    Thank you all for you help and advice on my bbag. I will post pics of my bbag when I get it so that I too can be part of the gang! :P
  2. I completely understand - I have a black patent Betty and I adore her. The good things is b-bags are here to stay and I bet you will be able to find your rouge vif in a month or so.
  3. Chloe has THE best Patent leather anywhere...go get your Betty. I have it in black and I love it...in fact I just sold all my Chloes recently and only kept my Black patent Betty and my chocolate large Paddington and my beloved Tekla. Quick run! Go get it! :smile:
  4. Can you post a picture of Betty?:biggrin:
  5. Here is a photo...

  6. Enjoy your Betty! I think the Rouge Vif craze will die down a bit, and they will be easier to find later.

    You have to go for the bag you've been lusting for!!!
  7. Thanks ladies. Bark-I love your betty. Mine is only the small size as that is all I could track down. I am getting it tomorrow. I have wanted this bag for so long that I hope it is perfect.
    The small has the gold loops hanging from the pockets too. I know I would prefer the medium size but I am sure I will love the small too!
  8. I know you will love it and I prefer the rings on the zippers, but couldn't find them in the larger size.
  9. Bark-Can you please tell me if the patent is difficult to care for? I am starting to worry about when it rains and stuff and if it needs protecting.
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