Oh No...

Today I got such a happy surprise when my first pair of CL's arrived...:yahoo: I carefully unwrapped the packagaing and squealing with delight put them on....I say put them on...SQUEEZED them on!!! :crybaby:

My new 100 Ron Ron hurt my little toe..is this normal?? I went half a size up than my usual size on the advice of the SA.

Now I am wondering if a a full size a 40 would be too big as it's only the toe that feels squished, advice please!

And just to have a wee rant as I am so disappointed, why can't designers make their shoes fit the size of your foot, ie a 39 shoe fits a 39 foot?? instead of having to go up or down from your normal size...they aren't £10 shoes we're buying..end rant!

Enjoy your CL's all you ladies that are wearing a pair that fit!!! :P


You can call me Jenn
Feb 11, 2008
How do they feel lengthwise? If they're the right length, then going up a half size would probably be too big. It also depends on how painful it is on your toe - is it just a little painful? Because the shoes will stretch out and that pain will probably go away - try wearing the shoes around the house with a thick pair of socks to stretch the toebox a little. But if the toe is very painful, I personally would go up a half a size and use padding if necessary to make the length work. Hope that helps!


May 7, 2008
I agree with jh! Try the sock trick if it's just tight in the toes but good in length. I think it's worse to have a pair that don't stay on your feet. You can add heel grips but I'm always afraid that they will stretch more with each wear and then what? Good luck with them!


NE Born OH Bred
Jul 6, 2007
As others have said, if they are non-patent and are just a little tight then they will stretch out and be perfect. All of my kidskin CL's (and my Manolos & Choos) start out a bit tight then loosen up and get comfy once I have worn them a few times.

Congrats on your first CL's.