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  1. I got the patent pink capacity wristlet last week to go in my pond tote...I love the color but I really dont like the size....I thought I would love it but it is the size of a small purse!I thought about keeping it and using it like a small purse because i love the color so much but I just dont know...I am going to orlando in a few weeks so maybe I will put it away and take it with me and if I see something I love at the outlet I can exchange it...I dont know...I REALLY want a patent wristlet any color really just smaller size...ok just needed to vent a little sorry
  2. That is a cute item but if you arent in love with it and you're only planning to use it for your trip, I would return it. It is kind of a waste of money if it wont get used afterwards, right? I would get something else that you know you would definitely use and something that wont get put away for a while. There are sooo many different wristlets out there that arent as big as the capacity ones and in cute patterns and styles! :tup:
  3. I'd return it. If you don't like it now, you probably won't like it later. And this way you can spend the money on a purse that you do want...I too was surprised at the size of the capacity wristlets.
  4. I would return it also. The capacity wristlet is one of the most expensive wristlets coach has. If you can return it and get a bag.... you should. I love mine but I don't use it in a bag, I use it on the weekends sometimes or out to dinner by itself. Hope this helps!

  5. I agree with Fashionista...this one would be perfect!!
  6. oh i love that one but i am sooo scared to use e bay....i know it is silly,i am always afraid i will get a fake or it just will not come....does anone else feel this way?i do love that one...
  7. ^^ when I buy coach on ebay I do get somewhat apprehensive but so far, so good!
  8. I would definitely take it with you like you said and you can return/exchange it for something you love for sure. :tup:
  9. I had this dillema last night at the coach store when I was trying to find a wristlet to go with my new Ergo Tote. I use my wristlets as wallets so I know what you mean about it being too big.

  10. I agree I would return it too
  11. I think we all worry and run that risk, but I have never had any problems. As far as getting a fake, just make sure to look for sellers with good feedback and post any listings you are thinking of bidding on in the Coach Authentication thread. The ladies here really know their stuff!

    You may be able to find the magenta wristlet at the outlets. Maybe give them a call and see if they have any, if not, then go for one on ebay!