Oh No!!

  1. It's 1983 in apparently great condition.
    28 Kelly. I love Kelly for croco, but what about size.
    dark brown. looks black at night and will go with everything.
    Wonder what they cost new from boutique?
    Notice the paypal is gone.

    I'm not going to say no. I'd love it. Just don't know about price. Check out LZ.
  2. To Die For!
  3. Oh my!!!
  4. That's one nice Kelly... a classic.
  5. If you love the bag, and the size is right, well what choice is there, really....???

    Being haunted by a bag you let get away is a wee bit sad....

    But if you are just basking in the glow of a recent purchase, perhaps you should sleep on it.....
  6. There is no strap... I've never had a Kelly before so I don't know if all of them are supposed to have a strap. I know this bag is vintage so that might be why there isn't one included but does anyone know if it's easy to order one? Especially a crocodile one? If I know I can get a strap for it then I'll buy it right away! Thank you for giving me your opinions! :heart:
  7. ^ they didn't come with straps back then, but you can certainly get one made...how long it would take depends on what skins they have available in that lovely colour - you may be in for a bit of a wait - but what a BEAUTY!
  8. Holy Crap! I wish i could talk you out of it but that bag looks absolutely STUNNING!!
  9. A beautiful croc as your first Kelly...who could resisit. I would have seriously consider buying it for myself if I am not in Tokyo at the moment. It is a gem! I think you will fall in love with it as soon as you see it irl.
  10. who got it?????????
    Its GONE!!!!!
  11. hehe.................:angel:;):yahoo:
  12. did you buy it?
  13. wow what a great buy :smile: CONGRATULATIONS !!!! will you show some pictures?
  14. I'll definitely post pics!! hehe that's probably the second thing I'll do after receiving the bag...first thing is drooling over it!!