Oh No !!

  1. I was supposed to get my legacy leather slim tote today. I checked the tracking with FedEx and it said it was delivered at 10:04am. Also, it was signed for by someone I do not even know. So it cannot be one of my neighbors. I called FedEx and they said they will emai the terminal but the driver will not get the message until Mon. I called coach and they are going to check on this for me. I just hope they get this resolved, that tote was $478.00. and someone else has it.:mad:
  2. OMG How can Fed Ex screw up so much!! I would be livid, and why doesn't fed ex drivers carry phones or something so they can be reached right then, makes no sense to me at all!!

    Good Luck, gonna be a darn long weekend for you.
  3. So you don't live in an apartment complex? I'm kinda confused...how did someone else sign for it? Do you live alone in a big house?
  4. I had an issue with my Fedex driver when the items I bought during the PCE were delivered. He brought two boxes to the door and I knew there was another one on the truck. He said no, I asked him to please check, he said NO. I got on the phone with Fedex and complained. They said he has a radio in the truck and they contacted him and told him to get his butt back to my house with the third package. I would call Fedex again and turn the heat up!! :rant:
  5. Stupid FedEx!
    Work it out and get your bag!! I would be so p.o'd!
  6. It's time for you to kick some booty! WOW, I'd be so mad if that happened!! I'm always worried about something like that happening with my packages. Fed-Ex really needs to step up their game, and I'm gonna pray that you get your bag.
  7. My mother has received packages that weren't hers, and that belonged several blocks over. There was really no excuse for how the package was delivered to the totally wrong address! Fortunately, she called them back ASAP, never opened the package and they picked it up and took it to the proper place (hopefully).

    Too bad everyone isn't that respectful of the property of others.

    I hope they find your package safe and UNOPENED! If not, they must replace it or reimburse, right?
  8. I had an issue just a day ago with a Fed Ex package that was misdelivered. I called and spoke to a rep. at customer service, if you track it and get a copy of the signature online and tell them, they could tell you where it was delivered and make sure it gets to you. They are pretty nice about it. Good Luck. :smile:
  9. omg. i am so sorry to hear about this.
  10. Yikes! This stuff happens so often. I had a package being delivered (not Coach, thankfully) last week and it was delivered across town. ;( I called and complained and just as I was on hold, it arrived. The woman's excuse when I asked her what happened was that ALL of the boxes looked the same. I just thought.. yeah.. being brown and all. That's why they put labels on them.. duh! I hope they find your package and get it back to you. I'm not real pleased with the way they don't even ask for a signature or make sure it's correct. My denim carly arrived today and was thrown next to my door. Not a huge deal, but living in an apartment, that's a little scary.
  11. Now that is a really bad day! I would be so mad and no I could not wait until Monday either!
  12. Coach sent me the wrong tracking number once so maybe that is what happened. They got it one number off and it went to Rhode Island instead of Missouri.

    Don't worry though. You will get it.
  13. UPS once delivered my Gymboree package (my other expensive obsession) to the same address one street over - mine is terrace and theirs is avenue. I looked up the name that was signed and then looked up their address and went over there myself! It was a friday too and I wasn't going to wait until Monday to have UPS investigate it!!!
  14. How frustrating! :cursing: You'd think since it's still early in the day that they could get this settled now and not Monday.

    I would think if FedEx screwed up then they are liable?

    A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a keyfob from Coach. The morning FedEx was supposed to deliver it, I got a call from them... when the driver saw the package or put it on her truck or whatever it is that they do with them, she noticed my address was wrong. We live in a very small town... she told someone in her office who called me to verify my address and it got delivered to the correct house.

    When I called Coach to tell them to correct my address (have NO idea where they got the wrong one!), they had it correct!

    That one will always be a mystery...
  15. I would be barking mad!!!! :cursing: That's awful, just awful. Hope someone corrects this.