Oh no!!!

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  1. I have received some very disappointing news. I just got off the phone with BalNY, and I was told that the first was never produced in French blue! I am so upset right now that I don't know what to do. I really had my heart set on this bag.

    I asked what styles they had in this color, and to be honest didn't listen all that closely I was so upset, but they have the twiggy and the day and maybe one other one. They are out of the city with RH, which I guess would be my second choice. They had a couple with GH, but I didn't listen at all to those because I had no interest in them.

    I'll stop whining now, but I just wanted to let anyone know that might be waiting for a French blue first like me, that we're waiting in vain since they don't exist!
  2. Oh no, sorry to hear that BalNY didn't have your dream bag!

    You should check out the twiggy...I have one and it's really beautiful in French Blue. :flowers:
  3. i think eBay seems to have one in City (RH). let's check it out!!!
  4. can't believe they didn't make it in the FIRST style, that was my first choice for FB too as well...
  5. was it not made, or BalNY didn't buy it?
  6. A twiggy in FB would be so gorgeous! The twiggy is a great style for *popping* colors IMO... you should consider it!
  7. Good question!!

  8. you would THINK the flagship store would carry ALL colors and styles ... but I know they don't :sad:
  9. I always assume they made it but BalNY didn't carry it... but now that I think of it, I've never seen a picture of a FB First :sad: So it prob. doesn't exist.
  10. Hmmm, I haven't seen a FB first either. I just assumed that they existed.
  11. I looked back through old threads trying to find when someone posted the BalNY stock I think it was for February 7, but I couldn't find it. I could have sworn that the French blue first was on that list.

    Also, how much bigger is the twiggy than the first? I really like small bags, so the first is perfect for me. Would the twiggy be too big for me since I don't carry much in my bags?
  12. I've had both the first and twiggy, and the twiggy I would say is considerably larger. If you only carry a few items, they may be a bit lost in the twiggy.:yes:
  13. Thanks Fred & Ginger for the comparison of the twiggy and the first. I had a feeling the twiggy might be too big for me.

    By the way, I finally found the old thread telling the what BalNY had in stock on February 7, and I was correct, they had the French blue listed as in stock. Now as to whether that was a misprint or not I do not know. But I find it hard to believe this bag doesn't exist!
  14. I think a FB Twiggy would be gorgeous...!
  15. I would call some other stores before losing hope. I can't believe they wouldn't make FB in the First. It doesn't make sense. Maybe you should try calling Bal Paris. Good luck.