Oh No! Wrong Boobie color ordered on Bluefly!

  1. :sad2: I had 2 windows open with the black leather & magenta leather boobie on Bluefly...but ended up ordering the wrong one!! :mad: :mad:

    I ended up with the black boobie. Should I cancel my order? Someone already snatched up the last magenta boobie. :sad2: :sad2: :sad2:
  2. hmm maybe call customer service and see if they can do something about it?.....maybe somebody just has the magenta in their cart.....and i know this is immature but boobie...lol :lol:
  3. the magenta boobie may reappear again as it has the last few days. perhaps someone just puts it in their cart but never actually purchases it. good luck! sorry about the boo-boo on your boobie :lol: ;)
  4. :nuts:

    You should cancel the order and just wait until the magenta reappears again. I stalk bluefly a lot at night so I'll hold it for you if I see it.
  5. is it possible to actually "hold" an item?
  6. ^ keep it in your cart, I think that way it'll hold for an hour or two, I don't remember exactly
  7. magenta boobie's available again :lol:

    [edit] i think there was only one......i have it in my cart if you didn't get it already.....let me know if you'd like for me to release it....
  8. Yay! I got the magenta boobie finally. Now I've got a black one coming as well~they wouldn't cancel the order. Please let me know if anyone wants it. Otherwise i will just return it.
  9. Is "boobie" the official name? It just seems odd...
  10. lol no i think it's called the planet change purse.....but it does look like a boobie :lol:
  11. Okeee- This one gets my

    Best Post Title of the Week Award.


    hope you get yer boobies straightened out...:lol:

    "...Oh No! Wrong Boobie color ordered...":weird:
  12. ^^ Hahaha!!!
  13. Yay! I get an award and I got my boobies aligned!:lol:
  14. OK GUYS.... I never venture into your Balenciaga-land..but this title got my attention!! LOL!!! Now I want to see this bag!!!!LOL!
  15. SOO not a fan of the boobies- they look like something you get out of a gum ball machine at the supermarket!!