Oh No!! Whiskey Paddy Regrets!!!


Sep 22, 2005
asl_bebes said:
megadane - I understand how you feel. I live in Canada too and I think most Canadians are not very bag savvy. Most know the obvious ones like LV, Gucci, Dior and Coach. When I bought my first Marc Jacobs 3 years ago, people looked at me like "who is he?" and I'd have to explain who he is. It's because we don't have a very large selection of designer bags, Holt Renfrew is all that we have. I have a paddie too and I really love it! I think once you see someone carry their paddie, you'll fall in love with it all over again;)

It's funny you gals brought this subject up. I didn't use to think that I wanted or cared to be recognised with my stuffs. I used to buy nice bags or shoes because I truly love them and enjoy wearing them. But since I moved to Canada, I sort of feel defeated, not because they don't recognise my stuffs, I just found they don't appreciate luxurious goods. All they know are gucci, LV or burberry and only monograms patterns that's in your face. No one understands because they would only think that I am being snobbish like my husband, but it's only my observation. I never discussed it with anyone but only my husband. I don't enjoy my nice stuffs being compared with imitations or fakes, so much so that I don't bother using my nice stuffs so that I won't get into situation like this again. I think it's better in Toronto though. (It's just my observation and feeling again, not meant to offend any Canadian here.)


Nov 1, 2005
Megadane said:
Thanks, I think I might try eBay after all..if I do I'll let you know so you can see my 'professional' pics, LOL!

Hurry and get to 100 posts!!! If you do decide to sell it, maybe you can link it in the marketplace....I'm sure someone on the forum would be glad purchase it from you. It's a beautiful bag, but if you have doubts, you shouldn't keep it.