Oh No!! Whiskey Paddy Regrets!!!

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  1. Hello ladies I need a shoulder to cry on:shame: I bought the whiskey Paddy on Net-A-Porter back in December and now I don't think I'm in love anymore! I wore it shopping last weekend and found it sooo heavy to carry around all day. PLUS lately I have been eyeing the LV Cabas Mezzo although I already have the Speedy 30. Hmmm..so I thought of maybe parting with the Paddy on eBay but they are only going for around $300-$400 and those are the yucky fakes too. Do you think I should try to sell it with a reserve or keep it and maybe will fall in love again?

    I know this is silly...there are much bigger problems in the world:blink: but your insight or suggestions would be helpful! I think I thought it would be so fab to carry around the Paddy as it is so sought after elsewhere but here where I live it really isn't noticed. Oh well..feels better at least to rant a bit! Thanks ladies!
  2. I would love to see pics of the whiskey color if you have any! I understand the "no recognition" thing...I carry designer handbags and no one even knows what they are, whereas everyone else carries these hideous cheap hobo bags covered in giant glittering sequins. If I see another one of those bags.... Anyway, it's about YOU loving the bag, not anyone else noticing the bag, so if you don't love it maybe you can find a good consignment shop to sell it? I know they do that in NY, but you probably won't get a great price and you will have to share it with the store.
  3. That's a good idea about selling consignment but I don't think I would recoup much. You are right as I know it's about me loving the bag but there is something about carrying a recognized accessory..I know I'm being vain! I think if I would have been able to try one on I wouldn't have bought it off Net-A-Porter but Holts JUST got the Paddy's in and I dont' travel to Toronto very much. I did think I loved the style from the pics and it is a great bag..I guess I am just being indecisive and weird about my purses these days. I just mentioned to my bf that I was interested in the LV cabas and he just LOOKED at me..you know..with that look, LOL.
  4. "Vanity is my favorite sin." ~ Pacino's devil character on The Devil's Advocate. I totally understand about the recognition thing. Here people carry cheap bags and think they are trendy, and when I pay more than $200 for a bag my mother thinks I am insane ($14K is okay for a television, but a nice (read not $49) handbag...that's crazy!). You could try eBay, but beware of all the recent problems. And beware of unwanted buyers. Someone contacted me about my Scout that is on eBay, but insisted that the financial transaction take place via wire transfer. Don't do this! They are looking for account info to get access to your money. I told them I would do an international money order and they would have to pay fees and wait for it to clear, and never heard from them again. Even eBay is not safe anymore. Maybe someone here would like your bag? I know we don't "buy and sell" here, but people are always looking for something. I would still like to see pics if you have some. Good luck!
  5. I just love that quote!!! I'll tell my BF that "Vanity is my Favorite Sin".. Thanks!!! LOL. This will be after I give him the Tiffany & Co. money clip I bought him for Valentine's Day tonite:amuse: I'll see about posting some pics..I was supoosed to post some after I got it but I don't know how to use my BF's digital. Maybe I'll just wait on the Cabas and see how I feel in a month or so-I was hot on Burberry just a few weeks ago and now I'm totally not-I think I'm bag-bipolar!
  6. I also once owned a black and a cream paddy i bought them because they are such a desirable bag to own, but also like you i found it to heavy to carry around i live in London so everybody has designer bags so it was not that it was not recognised.

    Anyway i put them both on ebay (at different times about 6 weeks apart) and sold them to people who really wanted a authentic CHLOE yes there is lots of fakes on there but not all people are stupid and if you are a private sellers with a good feedback and helpful, example give lots of pictures, ask sensible price not too low otherwise people will automatically think it is a fake - give it a try with a high reserve you may be lucky and get most of your money back especially with the colour of yours which is very desirable at the moment a powersell on ebay.co.uk only had her WHISKY PADDY on for 1 day and she sold it for more than £900.00. best of luck
  7. I know exactly what you mean about the paddy! I carried my finally for an entire month and not one single person commented or even starred at it. Even if no one knew what a paddy is, it is still a unique looking bag that I though would get some type of comment or compliment on its own.
  8. I would love a Paddy ( especially in whiskey) not matter what! It's my most coveted bag, and I don't see myself being able to own one for a few years ( gotta graduate and get a job!)

    If I were you, I'd let it chill for a little bit, and see how you feel about it. :smile: If you decide you hate it, sell it for money towards a new bag!
  9. Return it! Forget ebay and just get your money back (or does NAP not take returns?). That's too much money for a bag you don't love!
  10. Definitely go with what you feel. I personally love it and have gotten compliments on it but if it's a bag you're not feeling, go with your instincts! Good luck with what you decide =)
  11. I know what you mean-I'm like, strolling through the crowds with my eyes pleading "Look at me and my pretty Paddy"..and not a glance, LOL. I'll stand by my new fav. quote "vanity is my favorite sin".
  12. I would love get my hands in a Paddy....
    I would say: "Think about it twich before doing anything..."

  13. Thanks, I think I might try eBay after all..if I do I'll let you know so you can see my 'professional' pics, LOL!
  14. Yup-good plan as well, but I tend to be VERY impulsive with my bag buying..I've been drooling over the LV cabas ever since I saw Angelina carrying one in some pics of her Zahara. I'm such a goofy-purse-chick!
  15. lol I always compliment people on bags I like, even if they're not designer. People look at me like I'm weird. I'm just :love: purses! I guess it's a rare thing. :cry: