Oh no! What is one to do???

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  1. I recently ordered and received from E-Lux a beautiful Azur Speedy 30. I have not used her yet; have not even taken the plastic off the handles.

    I have decided that due to the color and the way it looks on me, I should have gone with the 25. Elux does not any 25 (or 30 for that matter). When I called they basically said, "touch luck".

    So my question to you all is; do I wait and check Elux day and night for a 25, do I just shrug and keep the 30 (that I itching to use), or do I sell it (hoping I recoup what I paid) and call the 1-866-Vuitton? I was really hoping to avoid paying taxes that is why I went the Elux route.

    For those who have it in a 30 (I do love the 30 BTW; I used to wear my damier all the time in the winter), is it too much white/light color to wear? I am only 5'1 so I do not want to look silly.

    TIA!!! :smile:
  2. if you're not happy with the size return it and just keep checking Elux.
  3. Personally I LOVE the look of a speedy 30, I find the 25 to just appear too small and more ideal for a teenager(sorry no offense intended to those 25 lovers out there, it's still a fabulous bag). I don't know your age though. Yesterday I was out and about and I spotted someone in a store with the bag I thought I wanted, it was a red epi speedy 25(which is even a tad bigger than a mono 25), I tried on her bag and played with it, but I just didn't feel it was me, it looked too small. I think bigger bags are more luxurious and sophisticated than medium sized bags which is what a speedy 25 is to me. I like them either big or small, lol, the in between just doesn't do it for me, but I like a petit noe, which is a medium, agh, so is the trouville, ok, speedy wise, I like them big! And I love little clutches and things like that too, but that's not on topic! I say KEEP IT!! It just looks big bec. you're not used to it yet, once it becomes your own, you will find it more comfortable and wearable.
  4. I like the 30..the 25 looks way too small to me. You can always exchange your elux purchase at a boutique if you have one near you.
  5. Did you try it again in the mirror? :smile:
    If you usually like the 30, I think you will enjoy the azur in the 30.
    I am a 25 girl all the way and I am 5'5" so I think it is truly a matter of preference!
  6. If you feel the 30 is too big, return it and wait for the 25. Otherwise you won't ever be truly happy with it! Good luck!
  7. I would just return it. it wont be long before the 25 shows up on there again. its not a limited edition and they have had more in stock recently. i bet you would find a 25 before they even finished processing your return on the 30! Good luck!
  8. i personally think 30 is a great size, but if you think 25 suit you better, you can do an exchange at local LV boutique if they stock 25.
  9. When I went to buy my 30 azur speedy they only had the 25 available to buy, which at first I was so disapointed over. But.....the 25 did look so much better!
    So I reckon exchange it and wait for the one you wanted!
  10. I would return the 30 and get the 25. I have a damier 30 too, and I agree with you that although the 30 looks great in the damier, IMHO the lighter coloured azur is better in the 25. I was debating over whether to get the 30 or the 25 in the azur, and decided with the 25 (just picked her up yesteray). Oh btw, for your reference, I'm about 5'4".
  11. I love my 30 azur...I'd never get a 25. I'm 5'2" and a size 4 for your reference. I think it looks great, but I love how big bags look.
  12. Great advice, keep it coming!! Okay, I am 35 years old and far from a skinny minny (although I am working on it, I will never be a size 6; just not going to happen). Do you think that the 30 looks better on someone a little older and on the bigger side?
  13. Get what ever makes you happy. I'm 5'9 and I was worried that my azur speedy 25 would look silly on some one as tall as me. But it looks cute and will go great with a light summer dress. I have the 30 in mono already so my excuse was I needed a smaller summer bag.
  14. I think 25's are perfect for petite girls, but even tiny girls can still pull off a 30. In general I think a 30 looks more balanced on an average/larger frame.

    The larger the bag, the smaller you look! (young hollywood's motto);)
  15. i think you should maybe try to exhange it for the 25. i prefer the 25, only because of the damier symmetry of it (have to have the LV square logos smack in the middle), it's ok, it's a personal ocd thing, lol. i'm obsessive about things being off-center.

    But, it seems as if you are going so back and forth on it, so maybe get the 25 instead :yes: you may have to do the tax thing....but, can someone exchnage something from Elux within an LV store (like, in case Elux does become slow on getting the 25's in)? I've always wondered that, anyone?

    Good luck!