Oh no!! what have I done!!

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  1. Come to think of it. this past two month and a half, (oct, nov, dec)
    I've bought..... omg.
    okay let me count this up...
    9 bags. Oh God. 9 bags. did I count that right?
    This is really unhealthy, right guys?
    it's like a complete bag craze. anybody else experienced this?
    It's time for me to admit myself into the PA
    the Pursaholic Anonymous

    *a very long sigh*
  2. Girl I revamped my whole collection this month, your not alone, sign me up!
  3. ...sometimes I think it's really unhealthy especially when I think of the money I spend :shame: but then I turn around and look at my bags and feel proud...:love: .
    They make me happy but I know I really need to slow down.
    since I've discovered Balenciaga I've become a Baladdict, I've always liked purses but never to this extent!
  4. Well my motto is

    "A bag is an asset"

    And you can never have too many assets... right?
  5. Yay, i'm not the only one! Haha, i'm so glad this forum exists! Don't worry, you can never have too many purses :P
  6. True... unless they begin taking up more room than your furniture!

    Hmmm... even then, you could just buy another house to store them all in hehe
  7. 9 sounds good to me! Although it may be a good time for a self-imposed purse ban.

    Remember - if it starts to get that your handbags are worth a lot, you should add them as a rider to your homeowners or renters insureance. Sort of like you would your engagement ring or an expensive peice of artwork.
  8. OMG!!! i think u owe us some photos :P
  9. Tell us about them, please. I'm dying to know which 9 you couldn't resist! When I go into a store, sometimes I leave with nothing and other times I wonder how I bought so many--I'm a sucker for the key rings, cosmetic cases, wallets, etc. along with the regular bag.
  10. What did you buy? I always think a well-dressed woman should be properly accessorized with a lovely handbag. If it took nine bags to complete your wardrobe, then so be it! Wear them in good health!
  11. alright.. here we go..

    a large ralph lauren bag
    3 vintage chanels
    1 LV speedy
    1 Francesco biasia
    1 betseyjohnson
    1 fossil hobo bag
    and a Laundry (by shelli segal)bag

    I'm currently eyeing a salvatore ferragamo (marissa in dark brown)
    oh God. I need to stop. wait until next year at least.. march :Push:
  12. Nice! You need to post pics though!! :yes:
  13. yes!yes
    3 bags are still on the way,
    when I receive them in mail, I'll take all the pix and post'em!:love:
  14. :yahoo:
    can't wait to see them...
  15. Oh phooey, 9 is nothing compared to some of the folks around here! Don't feel bad, enjoy them!