Oh no What Have I Done?!

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  1. Just had a look on Mulberry.com and was flabbergasted to see OS Alexa in Ink in stock. I was even more flabbergasted when I took out my credit card and ordered one - purely to compare with OS Oak. One will definitely be going back.
  2. :biggrin: Are you really really sure you'll be sending one back? What if you like them both?
  3. Should be fun deciding between them both:biggrin:
  4. or torture if they are both fab....
  5. Oh no... I sense trouble!
  6. Good grief! I can't really afford one let alone two! Perhaps I ought to cancel it so the temptation is removed. Actually I feel quite disgusted with myself for ordering it but was curious to see whether it would be a more serviceable colour.
  7. The ink is absolutely beautiful Cazz, I cannot lie. I think it is a good idea to compare them and see which one will work for you. If you cancel your order you will never know for sure and it may niggle you over time! If you were 100% set on oak and felt no need to see the ink your finger would not have hit BUY :graucho:
  8. Perhaps the Ink one is perfect for you. Have fun deciding. Can't wait to see your pictures.
  9. oh my... sensing trouble.. but you're probably doing the right thing. If you were 100% happy with the one you've got like MissM is saying - would you still have hit thy buy button if you don't 'secretly' wanted both?!?!
  10. Stop it!! My original idea was to have a regular in one colour and OS in another. However, I really want to downsize so will stick to one OS. But which one? Logic tells me that oak will be much more useful but ink looks really smart plus since reading about Jenova's colour rub problem I'm a bit concerned about that as I wear jeans most of the time.
  11. You will know when you have both to compare and try on with your favourite outfits which one is going to be right for you in the long run. Take some photos of your outfits with each of them so you can look back later when your mind starts to wander!
  12. My minor colour rub isn't a problem to me as I intend to use and patinate my Oak Alexa as much as possible. I merely presented it as a potential matter of concern to someone who might flirt with use of their Oak bag but intend to sell it on for a lot of money later on.

    I wouldn't dare to order the Ink Alexa too because I know that I would keep both of them.
  13. I think that if you wear jeans all the time the Ink one would be perfect for you. I don't wear jeans all the time and I certainly won't be carrying my Alex Oak next to denim of any kind. I know that even if you have washed a pair of jeans numerous times you can still have denim transfer. Hence the ink one would be perfect for someone who wears denim all the time. When I wear denim I carry a blue or black bag.
  14. Hmmm maybe I should try and cancel it and be happy with the one I've got. It gets expensive sending stuff back.:confused1:
  15. Come on - you have done it now - you had better see what the Ink one is like.
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