Oh No ,Think im falling in love...

  1. I have been admiring all your beautiful BV goodies and think i might need a bit of enabling....:p ...I am off to London in 2 wks and would love to get a bag or sunnies...Is the Veneta or cabas the most classic as i think those are the ones that make me go all smooshy !Please help me make a decision....:smile:
  2. First of all birkin girl, I'm so envious that you are going to London. I haven't been there in over 2 years and I love that city.

    We are here to serve as enablers extraordinaire! The 2 bags you mentioned, the Veneta and the Cabat to me are the bags that say Bottega Veneta more than any others. The Cabat is more expensive, larger, completely open, but so luxurious looking. The Veneta is comfy on the shoulder and holds a ton, tho it's lightweight and is also so classic looking.

    what would you be using it for? I think the Veneta comes in a bigger variety of colors, but the biggest sellers are probably nero (black), Ebano (dark brown), and Noce (hazelnut). I'm not much help. Maybe when you try them on, your decision will be easy.

    Have a wonderful trip and if you get something, we'd love to see pics.
  3. Thanks for your imput...I am taking a breather from Hermes as i am finding them a little heavy a the moment as i have a bulging disc Ouch !So i thought a nice choccy shoulder bag might fit the brief...Cant wait to try some on and of course if i buy i will post pics on my return....;)
  4. Oh yes!! BV's are the last thing from heavy IMO, so they would be perfect for you. :yes:

    I would def recommend either the Veneta in the classic ebano (dark brown), or in noce (lighter hazelnut) since you're after a brown shoulder bag. You HAFTA try them on in person to experience how soft and light they are. I promise, you won't regret it ;)
  5. yes, i always love BV range even their accessories are my next aim....and also i have to buy back my BV black large hobo bag again......very regretted that i sold it 2 wks ago.......sigh
  6. I am so amazed on how light the BV bags are, I hope you find the one that is right for you Birken Girl
  7. celia, I have to compliment you on your avatar--such cute Balenciaga coin purses (especially the blue one; I'll bet you get lots of compliments) in great colors!! I'm a BV fanatic but I appreciate all good-looking leathers and colors.:love: