OH NO! The Trotteur Has Been Discontinued!!!!

  1. You know how I was ready to order the Trotteur? I was looking for a cross body bag for hands free days and had decided on the Trotteur. Well..... I am out of luck. It has been discontinued. I am disappointed. It would have been perfect, size and style. And it would have been convenient to get in and then zip up. So... no Trotteur for me.
  2. That's too bad! I guess I will have to take it off my list too.
    Did you check eluxury for stock?
  3. Try calling the 866#, sometimes there's a boutique somewhere that still has certain items we think is all gone. Good luck!
  4. No.... I haven't. I will , though. Thanks
  5. Good Idea. When I got the email from Louis Vuitton there was no suggestion of that. They just told me it was discontinued.
  6. Sorry, it is out of stock on eluxury. Try 866 though, and maybe eBay?