Oh no, the heartburn has started!!!

  1. Any ideas for relief besides Tums?
  2. I totally know what you mean! I got heartburn from lunch today, which was two veggie sushi rolls. I was like "Seriously? Now I get heartburn from rice?"

    I like the chewable Rolaids. The cherry ones are pretty tasty. Mylanta is supposed to work well also, but I prefer the Mountain Berry Tums to the Mylanta tablets. I've heard papaya tablets are supposed to help, if you're looking for something other than an antacid. I tried it in my first trimester, but I loathe papaya, so, no surprise, couldn't stand the taste. Make sure you stay upright after you eat to reduce refluxl.
  3. Nope just Tums --oh and I have found some relief with milk.

    It sucks because I have found that any food that is good for me gives me the burn- fruit especially, and vegetables and any type of bean or legume.
    I have had it since week 6.
  4. I never ever considered Tums until I was pregnant. Worked wonders for me.
  5. I find that fruit is giving it to me this time around too. Usually Tums does it for me, but last night nothing was helping. I am going to try milk to see if that helps me next time. Thanks ladies!
  6. ^^^ How did it go with the milk? My DH can't believe how much I am drinking...................
    I had a mandarin today with very little heartburn. I am going to try a cantelope and see how that goes.
    Had a tomato and arugula salad, got the burn.
    Does anyone else find hat nighttime is worse than daytime for heartburn?
  7. I have found with my first pregnancy and with this one, taking 2 Tums BEFORE eating really helped...
  8. The milk helped earlier today. I had a clementine a little while ago and just got some more burn so am drinking a glass as I type. I am hoping it helps so I can get some sleep tonight.

    Needanotherbag, thanks for the tip. I am going to try to remember to do that.

    In the past, I did find that I got hearburn worse at night. I always attributed it to the fact that dinner was my biggest meal of the day. But with this pregnancy, it seems that I am getting it all the time. Only 4 more months to go. :smile:
  9. I'm glad the milk helped. Its good for you too.
  10. I had heartburn starting month seven of my pregnancy. I craved spicy stuff, so I had it all the time... LOL, my cravings where worse that the heartburn apparently.
  11. I had heartburn so bad in my last 2 months that it would wake me up at night. It was horrible. None of the over-the-counter meds helped at all so my obgyn finally wrote me a prescription for Prescription Strength Pepcid I think it was. It helped immensely, but then a week after I started taking it I gave birth anyway!
  12. My sister had horrible heartburn with her first child and the only relief for her was a small peanut butter sandwich! I don't know about pregnancy heartburn but I've had regular heartburn and only a prescription really helped. I did have to sleep a couple of nights sitting up...not fun! Hope you are feeling better!
  13. Thanks all...I didn't have any heartburn yesterday. I am hoping I was just going through a rough patch. I will talk to my OB if it gets reall bad.
  14. I used to eat SALTINES.....and I avoided tomato products and OJ like the plague..That stuff would KILL ME!
  15. I'm awake now with heartburn. Even plain old water gives me the burn. Tums no longer work and milk is a joke. My Dr. said that I can take pepcid AC (up to two a 24 hour period) if it's really bad. I've already had two in 12 hours now and it's not going away. I think I'm going to have to start sleeping sitting up!