Oh, no. The drunk is here... AGAIN!

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  1. Okay, I thought you guys would get a kick out of this.

    We've got a woman that comes to our Coach boutique about 2-3 friday or saturday nights a month.

    She's always TOTALLY sloshed. I mean, beyond all belief, sloshed. She buys whatever display bag is the most expensive on our center table, in our featured display-- for instance, once, she bought a white Mandy.

    She was in the store last Friday and bought a suede Hamptons bag-- you know, the new one with the tattersall suede design. She was SO DRUNK she was falling over the counter and slumping on it, and could hardly walk.

    She's purchased literally over a dozen bags and returned them all! We cringe every time we see her coming.

    Anyway, she returned the bag later last week.

    I just thought you'd all be like "wow...."

    ...a day in the life of a Coach SA! LOL!:p
  2. Wow, lol.
  3. Crazy. Just curious, when she returns them is she sober?
  4. OMG that's funny and sad all at the same time. Hope she isn't driving, yikes.
  5. That's Tooo Much!!!!!!!! Very Sad!
  6. Yikes!!!
  7. couldn't you politely refuse service in that situation? I realize that's tricky with someone who's sloshed, but, WTF? :confused1: Also, if she's that drunk it seems that she could post a danger to herself or others in your store. Maybe next time discretely call security?:shrugs:
  8. good question. what's she like when she brings them back? are you guys able to tactfully pry a bit for some info?
  9. Oh I fear to think the drunk people that go into the store in Key west. It is an outlet but a very nice small store...surrounded by about 100 bars!!!
  10. That's sad. I wonder about the driving as well. Perhaps a security person could discreetly follow her out to see if she gets behind the wheel. Are you freestanding or in a mall environment? Does she do this with other retailers?
  11. It's in a mall environment, and yes, she returns them sober with some lame excuse every time! Her excuse for returning the suede bag was that her mom already bought her one. LMAO.

    I think... shhh... because she drives, the next time she comes in drunk we are going to discretely call security. She's a danger to herself, and others!

  12. Girl, you couldn't pay me enough to work there! I'd never want to work-- not because of just the drunks, but because it's KEY WEST!

    Ah, how I miss Florida....
  13. Good call, absolutely do this Sarah please!!! You could be saving her own life and many others as well :tup:
  14. You should ABSOLUTEY call security. If she killed some innocent person driving that messed up you would always wonder if that one call could have saved that life!

    What an totaly wreck that woman is. I feel sorry for her.
  15. ^I agree. And couldn't she get banned for buying and returning so many things? I know LV "blacklists" people if they return too many things.
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