Oh no, the bug has bitten!

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  1. I resisted for so long, but the desire has overcome me. I need a B bag. I am specifically looking for a medium size one in cornflower blue. :love: Do you think it is possible to find a used authentic bag for $1000 or less? My birthday is in a few weeks and I need to start begging and pleading with my husband now.

    I am totally new to Balenciaga so I am not quite sure where to start my search (other than Ebay, of course).

    Please educate me!!! :P
  2. I am not sure of even where to look; I am in PA and the only place that sells them is in Philly. I just emailed a few stores to see if they carried the one I want.
  3. I understand where your coming from Becca. The bug seems to have bitten me too. I just looked at Loganz hobo and now I'm thinking I may want one........Does it ever end??????:lol:
  4. Ummm...no. Honestly I never cared for the B-bag until yesterday. Then I became obsessed with getting on in the color I wanted. Someone please me in a straightjacket because I can not buy another thing!!!!!!!!!