Oh no, the blue Karly is gone!!

  1. *oops...totally spelled it wrong in the title.*

    I don't remember if it was the regular or large size that had the signature Carly with the blue but it's not in the stores and now it's off the website. I wanted that bag so badly and was actually just about to buy it when I went to the mall yesterday. Ah!! Does this mean it will be going to the outlet soon though? I need this bag!!! :s

    Anyone have any info?
  2. the large in chambray has been sold out...
  3. Oh no! Say it isn't so! :sad:
  4. i know. i bought it and returned it...and now i want it back!
  5. I saw a Large blue carly in the Coach @ Florida Mall today but no signature.
  6. This is terrible! I always do this to myself because I don't buy what I really want right away and sometimes when I go back for it then it's gone.