OH NO! The Bergacci scam artists are at it again!

  1. I typed LAMB handbags in Google, and a Google ad for a site called Fetucci.com came up. It looks exactly like the Bergacci site, and has the same FAQs, logos, and general look and feel as the Bergacci site. They even have another Photoshopped picture of their "boutique"! I can't believe these jerks are still out there ripping people off! :cursing:
  2. ewwww
  3. It has a very eluxury-esque vibe (fonts and layout, etc). That place is kinda scary, and it's quite brazen how they are using LV ads, eluxury's fonts, and also pretending to have a boutique in Milan, since 1917? And they are charging so much for bags that are sooooo fake!
  4. ewww!! I wonder when's the time that there are no more fake designer handbags on the net..
  5. How is it that they continue to do this?
  6. oh no. :sad:
  7. i think no fake bags on the net will happen on the 12th of never/in a month of sundays unfortunately!