Tech Oh no! Something is invading my computer

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  1. Help!!! I am on DH's laptop now, but some kind of virus or worm or something has installed itself on my computer. It keeps saying I have a "windows security alert" . This is pop up in the lower right hand corner next to my McAfee link. I did a scan thru them and it did not show up, but the pop up comes on everytime I even open windows. I don't even log on and it is there. It keeps telling me to run a virus scan through their site, but of course they want you to pay.
    Has anyone else had a problem like this? When I try to close the window, it just pops back up.
  2. Even if the virus in the link isn't what you're experiencing, the program that's recommended in it - Malware Bytes - may be able to help you, and it's a free download.
  3. I had a similiar problem last summer. It was malware and the free Malware bytes software got rid of it.
  4. We tried Malware Bytes, but the virus would not let us download it. It would not even let us open McAfee after the initial scan. Contacted McAfee this am and they went into my computer and removed it. Said it was a virus with recurring nuisance popups. It blocks any attempts to remove it. The funny thing is I was only on 4 sites the day is happened...Nordies, Bloomingdales, Ideali and here!

    Thanks for your comments!
  5. Hmmm... I can say that someone recently reported this same incident when on photobucket. TBH, I think this malware is running RAMPANT right now. And I have seen several reports from McAfee users as to getting the malware and McAfee and Malwarebytes conflicting, which is no surprise. McAfee and Norton both like to run their own show.
    I can add that I have been logged into PF since 5 am and no issues.
  6. it might be an internet virus... run scan on u r pc...
  7. always keep nod it wont let any other internet viruses to enter your system.
  8. I think I had something similar to what you have. I just got rid of it today!
    This is how I did it:

    1.- Restart.
    2.- Enter Safe Mode with Network (press F8 before Windows loads)
    3.- Uninstall all antiviruses you currently have.
    4.- Download Malwarebytes (while on safe mode).
    5.- Once installed, fully scan.
    6.- After it scans, it will show you what it's found.
    7.- Select to remove all files selected.
    8.- Restart when it prompts you to.

    That should do it :tup: