Oh no! Someone bought the Oatmeal Multipocket :(!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Darnit!!!!!!!!!!! I was smart - this time - I asked for more pictures before bidding - I didn't want to get screwed and I wanted to be smart about buy MJ on eBay (since I already had one incident).

    The seller was going to email me pics tomorrow - and then I get an email that someone bought it :cursing::cursing:

    Now where am I going to find a Oatmeal Multipocket?
    I've had it on the brain for a few weeks now.

    Does anyone know what color the suede is supposed to be inside? and just to be clear, the medium and smalls have feet and the large ones do not have feet?

  2. Small MP's do not have feet. Dont know about the suede.
  3. ^ Yep, the small MPs do not have feet, but the large ones do. I wasn't aware there was a medium size?
  4. I thought there was only the small and the large.
  5. It's suppose to have brown suede inside.
  6. I hate when that happens!! I hope you find another Oatmeal bag soon!
  7. Boo! I'm sorry you didn't get it!!! There are only two sizes of MP, regular and large! Large has feet! You'll find another one soon; what's meant to be will be!
  8. Thanks ladies...:shrugs:who knows?:shrugs: Maybe it was a fake afterall..yes...that's what I will keep telling myself.... :cursing:
  9. If it makes you feel better - I asked for pics that never came either.
    Also - seller has posted more "new bags" from "wife's fashion job in Italy that allows her to purchase from MJ directly" (his e-mail to me). Interesting how these discontinued bags are still being manufactured .......
  10. ^ Yeah, that definitely sounds fishy! lovekoobabags, I think you probably dodged a bullet with this one! ;)
  11. It IS fishy!! (insert fishy emoticon LOLOL) haha.....
    I just saw the "authentic or double your money back" so I wonder what orifice he is pulling these lovely MP's out of? LOL...........or his wife in Italy........not for nothing, but POST PICS I learned my lesson - I want clarity, I want Macro-utilized closeups and I want certainty!
    If these sellers are too lazy to post pics - then they don't deserve my money!
  12. Don't feel bad. With a color that light it probably had stains on it. If it's too good to be true it is!! I learned the hard way with my venetia.