Oh no! Slight black dye transfer on my Speedy 30 handle!

  1. Can I ask you... am I stuck with a slight black transfer on one of my mono Speedy handles (and edge of one of the leaves)? I've been so careful since I got the bag (recently) and darn I accidently rubbed it against my black leather work bag and oh no some black is on it. I hadn't treated the vachetta and now I think I'm stuck with the black.

    Should I leave it and hope the patina will eventually darken and camouflage it or use something? Gee I'm not impressed with myself. Any suggestions greatly appreciated... thanks everyone!!!
  2. I heard using baby wipes or try an eraser may take it off, not sure though.
  3. I did get blue transfer off with baby wipes.
  4. I tried to clean a dark mark on my vachetta handle by baby wipe. Unfortunately, the mark even is darker and larger that made me really freak out :crybaby: .Because I was so desperate to get rid of it , I tried leather cleaner lotion. Nothing works :s . Lession learned: try to get used to the dark mark or you can make it worse (like me):crybaby:
  5. aww, i hope the baby wipe work out for you, good luck!
  6. Thank you for your replies... I've just used an eraser (VERY gently) and it's a bit better but I think I'll quit now while I'm ahead. Unfortunately now I'm going to be more paranoid than ever but gee, I LOVE this bag.
  7. The eraser is a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! FYI