Oh no she didn't! ...

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  1. So my sis lives literally 2 minutes away from Walmart. And guess what she picked up for my little girl ...

    And not just one, but TWO!
  2. Ok, give me a second ... this is my first time posting big photos ...
  3. The first one. In all its black glory.

  4. The second one. Silver.

  5. Opening the fabulous flap ...

  6. And the inside. Made of lovely nylon ... Also comes with a cell phone pocket.

    Because every 5-year-old girl needs to carry her cell phone.

  7. The inside tag ... wanting to be a hologram sticker.

  8. And finally, the price tag.

  9. wowow....very interesting
  10. Now, my sis is a diehard LV fan, and wants nothing to do with Chanel. So I'm thinking this is a joke ... but she seemed sincere. So I don't know. She's tricky that one.

    What do you think?

    1. Keep it. Let my girl have the gift? Even with possible lead poisoning? Or is this overly dramatic?

    2. Return it. Get store credit and buy something useful. Like toilet paper.

    3. Burn it. Your eyeballs can't take the pain anymore.
  11. #11 Feb 15, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2010
  12. if you are concerned with lead poisoning, then #2

    if you are not concerned, then just let your daughter have some fun with thinking she's just like Mommy. It's not a counterfeit.. just a horrible KO.. harmless really
  13. If she seemed sincere maybe she thought that it would have been cute for your daughter. If you really do not like it then I would still go ahead and return it.
  14. #2

    ai yai yai
  15. Actually, what are the odds that your sis just wanted to get a "cute" gift for your daughter (you would be in a better position to answer).

    If your daughter likes it, I would keep it.. after all, it's meant for her and not you and I don't think your daughter will actually take offense with the bags?