Oh no! Scratches on my new empriente bag after one weekend!

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  1. Help! I just got my first empriente bag- the twice in cerise. I used it this weekend for the first time and notice today that there is already wear on the two front corners!!! It doesn't seem like this bag should scratch this easily after one weekend!! Is this normal? Do you think LV would do anything if I called? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466382092.064991.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466382102.835767.jpg
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466382197.451736.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466382209.639601.jpg
  3. This will probably be an unpopular response but... scratches don't happen by themselves. It's wear from you using it and I don't see why LV would or should do anything about it.

    That being said, I don't even really see what you're talking about other than that little bit of rubbing.
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  4. I feel like LV would say it I was normal wear, maybe you leaned against something or something scratched it. Sorry!
  5. I get that the scratches didn't happen by themselves, but my thought is that a $1400 purse should hold up better than being scratched in one weekend of use. I would love to know if other empriente owners found that the leather is that easily harmed? The pics aren't great but there are places where the leather sort of rubbed off.
  6. +1

    The scratch seems to be very minor. I also only see a tiny bit of rubbing. May be use a damp washcloth or leather conditioner and see if you can lightly "buff" the scratch out a little. But I wouldn't expect LV to fix or replace this.
  7. It's called wear and tear. In your case, it is wear and scratch. Let's be realistic about expectations. Stuff happens. Embrace the flaws.
  8. Your bag appears to be beautiful, and a gorgeous colour. I have to agree with the rest of the ladies on this forum. This appears like wear. Just because it is $1400.00 does not mean it is indestructible. It is leather which will scratch, bend and wear with use. Enjoy your bag and use it with joy despite the wear that will occur.
  9. Don't have any empriente bags but I do have SLGs. IMO empriente leather is pretty durable and easy to take care of.
  10. It looks like a bit if the leather has rubbed (almost pealed) off and I don't think this should happen after one weekends wear! Doesn't look normal to me.
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  11. I agree with the previous responses. I can hardly see what scratches you're referring to, but they don't appear on their own. Just because it's expensive doesn't mean it's indestructible. Abrasion is natural and comes with wearing anything...what's nice with Empreinte is that it doesn't wear down in such a significant way like canvas that prevents it from being usable or repairable. Enjoy your bag and don't sweat the small stuff!
  12. Unfortunately just because a bag is expensive or new doesn't mean that it's immune to damage; in this case it rubbed up against an abrasive surface and has been scuffed a little. It sucks but each scuff, scratch, stain, etc. tells a part of the story about you loving and using the bag and it makes it different and special from all of the other Twices ever made.
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  13. Thank you! I think it is worth calling and asking them about it. I know scratches will happen overtime but it just didn't seem to me that it should be that easy for it to get scratched.
  14. Definitely the result of your bag getting scratched somewhere. I understand your frustration but be realistic: nothing last forever and accidents happen. It's like the first dent on a new car, whether it happens on the first day or a year after you bought the car: it's hard to accept.

    I would put a little bit of tinted leather cream on top of the scratch and it will disappear.

    You can also call LV and pretend the scratch was there when you opened the bag this weekend, an SA might be open to exchange it. That would be dishonest but clients are fearless liars. :coolio: And some SAs won't even care to put up a fight.
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  15. I'm just waiting for the day when LV stops accepting returns except in those states that require returns to be an option. I really do feel like it's going to happen.
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