Oh No! Scratch on Manhattan

  1. I noticed that on the corner of my Manhattan (just a month old!) has a tiny scratch or is cracking right by the piping. I tried to take a pic but it came out too blurry.

    I don't know how I would have caused it because I'm pretty careful where I lie it down so you can imagine my panic when I saw it. Do you think it's a defect or is can the canvas be scratched that easily??
  2. it could be a defect :wondering:. i've knocked my Mono Speedy and Musette Salsa around a fair bit and nothing's happened to them
  3. Is the "scratch" on the canvas or leather?
  4. It's on the canvas. It's almost as if I took a nail and scratched it.

    How is the LV store on handling this type of thing? I would think an expensive bag like this would hold up better. Do you think they will give me attitude and blame it on me?
  5. I the rest of the bag is in good condition there is no reason for the canvas to be spliting. (it is tough as nails) I would take it to your local LV boutique or call 866 vuitton and talk to them about getting it repaired or replaced. For being just a month old and for costing that much it should be holding up better than that.
  6. It's cracking?!? Yikes! I see your concern esp if you've only had it for a month. Definitely take it in to your LV store and see what they say. I should think they would repair or replace if for you if the canvas is cracking on such a relatively new bag.

  7. Hi, try setting your camera on Macro. That should allow you to take pics of details such as the little crack on your bag.
    We'd love to see a pic. Sorry this is happening, but I agree with the rest, take it back as soon as possible and get it replaced.
    Depending on the SA at your store, LV is pretty good at taking damaged stuff back. Once it's certain that you didn't cause the split. GL

    P.S. Pupsterpurse: that pic of your pup is just too cute! :girlsigh:
  8. Thanks, JoJo! :heart:
  9. I would take it in your nearest LV boutique and have them take a look at it. That would drive me crazy!!!
  10. I don't have time to take a pic-- I'm off to SF now for work and will go by the LV boutique this week. I bought the bag in NY but I hope they will be nice about it.

    I'll let you know what they say.

    Thx all!
  11. I would have that looked at, for sure.
    Unfortunately, if it's cracking, they can't fix it because they don't want to make it crack even more.
    Hopefully they'll understand your situation and exchange it for you..it sounds like a defect to me, because I've never had that problem and I'm not really very light with my bags.
    Good luck!
  12. cute doggy, how do you get a picture to come up with your posts like that??? I want to put my baby on too....
  13. ok, on a serious note, I just notices a "scratch like" crack on my damier broadway messenger. I just noticed it now and it's like 1 1/2 years old so I'm not going to bother doing anything and it's hardly visible but I wonder if it's been there since I got it, the only reason I noticed mine was b/c I was reviewing the wear on the bag (it's my work bag and gets A LOT of use) though the wear is very minimal, I did notice this when looking it over....I would contact LV if I were you b/c I truly wonder if it's something that could have been there when you got it, and when I got my bag too for that matter (cause I've never had mine in a situation were anything would have sliced a tiny spot, it kind looks like a slice from a razor blade)
  14. LV's customer service stinks. They pretty much dont want to know your name if you have a bag that is not in "saleable condition" and have a complaint. Unless its a known defect, they wont really help you, much less give you a replacement. Good luck though and keep us posted.
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    back on topic, jello, hopefully you get a nice SA. If not, be firm and try to insist on a repair or exchange. Talk to a manager. I don't think a 1 month old bag should be cracking like that. It really does sound like a defect.