oh no! SC PM bags gone from the LV.com website?!!!

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  1. I was doing my daily surfing of the LV.com website and was going to oogle at my HG bag I will someday get, and it was gone. Only regular SC size left on site.
    The SC PM size in calf leather at $4200 is gone from the site!

    I know I saw it in the store, is it being discontinued? Or is it going to be a huge price increase and the website took it down to prepare for the increase!?

    OMG already $4200 was a lot, but I don't think I can stand $5K for that bag!

  2. I noticed the bb was gone sometime last week when "I was doing MY daily surfing of the LV.com website" which is probably not a normal thing except for on TPF!!

    I have no answers for us, just a very obvious LV addiction.... :P
  3. In the UK they all still show. I've just noticed one I really want so I'll be going in tomorrow to buy if they have it
  4. It's still on the US site - $4300. I was just searching today dreaming of another

  5. It's still there~ search "parnassea" in the search box and they will come up. The price is $4300 in the USA.
  6. they are still here now