Oh no sales tax back in NY!

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  1. Apparently sales tax on clothes and shoes is going to be back in new york from Oct 1st. I believe currently under $100 or $110 there was no tax, well thats going to be back now. So sad...
  2. The sales taxes in NY have three components - the state level, the metropolitan commuter transportation tax component, and the local municipality level component-- the state level + commuter exemptions have been eliminated:


    So everything will be subject to the 4% tax, and then it will be jurisdiction by jurisdiction on the commuter and local taxes components... the NYC local sales tax of 4.0 % on clothing items of less than $110 was repealed in 2005 -- I don't know if that has been reinstated yet. The NYC tax rate for the commuter tax is .375% - so there will be at least 4.375% on clothing in NYC.. and possibly 8.375%
  3. I was sad to read about this after only living in NY for a month. 4% is nothing compared to where moved here from (San Francisco is 9.75%) though, so it's not too bad I guess when you keep it in perspective.
  4. I was just going to say that California's is so high that I would love a 4% sales tax! But getting taxed extra no matter what your current rate is no fun.
  5. ahh what i would do for a 4% sales tax...Seattle's at 9.5%!
  6. Why is your tax so low? Here in Ontario its 13% and it used to be 15% when I was a kid.
  7. Wow I thought my bf was lying about the sales tax:sad: That was one of the reasons why I loved shopping in the city rather than in Long Island where I'm closer to :sad:
  8. 8.37% is high considering you have not been paying taxes on clothing for quite some time. The taxing will end in March 2012. Until then I will be pumping my hard earned cash into the New Jersey economy (no tax).
  9. Yup, going to go to Jersey!
  10. I'm really annoyed this is back, I'm definitely going to be shopping in Jersey from now on.
  11. Me too!
  12. some more info:
    it will end on march 31, 2011 ... after that for one full year, no sales tax for clothing purchases $55 and under

    i'm sad ... this means i have less than a week to find a fall jacket :shucks:
  13. No sales tax was one of the reasons why I love NY so much. No tax compared to the 9.75% tax in LA was fabulous. Thank god I recently moved to Boston, where there's no tax on shoes or clothes up to $175!! Even better :smile:
  14. Is there no tax in jersey?

    I heard about the coming tax in NY but I was hoping it was just a rumor:sad: