OH NO!!! Sad but true..

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  1. So, I carried the mirage yesterday...guess what?? Im not loving it. I do not think Im going ot keep it! Call me crazy....I think its pretty, but just not my favorite. Crazy isnt it?? I could not wait to get it and now Im like....ugh...just not loving it.
  2. I didn't love it either when I saw it IRL, so I passed. There are many upcoming releases to choose from...Good luck on your decision.
  3. I would take it back and get something you really love.
  4. I do love mine, but if you don't then take it back. Just don't use it if you are going to return it, that isn't fair to the next person that buys it!
  5. aww sorry to hear that! But at least it's happening now rather than later when you can't return it :yes:

  6. I would never use a bag and then return it. Good lord. Thanks for the moral advice! LOL Way too much of a bag lover to shaft another bag lover. I have carried it once so now its a bag I will sell...NOT return. I was only sharing that I am not loving it. Geeez...
  7. Sorry you don't love it. It is such a gorgeous bag.
  8. I dont like the mirage too. Was about to get it at the store but there was no love at all. And btw, Ive used some newly purchased bags before and returned them after a week since I didnt like em. As long as the bag doesnt have stains or dirt and all that, theres nothing wrong with returning em.
  9. I had one charge sent and it arrives on Monday. I really agonized over wether or not to buy it. I hope I like it...gulp.
  10. The mirage is overrated.....and ridiculously overpriced for a mono speedy!:cursing:
  11. take it back. if youre not loving it then theres no point keeping it. ;)
  12. Dun be in such a hurry to sell it.. U might like it again in future.. Its a Special bag..
  13. You've used it, so you can't take it back as others are suggesting. That's just horrible.

    You can try selling it, I'm sure you can get real close to what you payed.
  14. Read post number six people.....NO WHERE in any of my posts did I say I was going to RETURN the bag....So quick to assume. I wondered if anyone else was not loving it as much after they got it. Please read what is said before you are so eager to jump.
  15. I am shocked you dont like it!!!!! I adore mine. I feel bad as I really hyped it up to you! What didnt you like about it? Anything specific? Or were you just overall not feeling it? And LOL at people advising you not to return it, you never said you were going to return it and if people knew you, they would know that never entered your mind! LOL
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