Oh no, price increased! Help me find my shoe at the old price!!

  1. I am so sad. I have been looking for the black leather simple pump with the 85 mm heel in size 39. I had a SA locate two pair at Saks but when she called the New York store that supposedly had the shoe, they claimed they could not physically locate the shoe. She tried hounding them for a week with no luck. At least they answered the phone. I have never had luck getting anyone to answer the phone at the NYC shoe department. At Saks the shoe is $520 and since it was coming from NYC, no tax.

    Then I called Barneys. My SA located a pair at the NYC store. I placed my order. I never got the shoes. I called him yesterday and he told me he just found out that the one pair they had left was damaged. They noticed in the shipping department. Anyway, that order got cancelled. The shoe was $520 at Barneys, no tax (since coming from NYC) and free shipping.

    I called the CL boutique in LA. They have the shoe and I was about to give them my credit card info and gasped at the total. The total was $637.43. The shoe is now $575 plus $15 to ship, plus tax. The SA said prices just went up due to the weak dollar/strong Euro issue. I've never paid full price for CLs. I thought $520 was a splurge but worth it. Has anyone seen the Simple 85 in black at Barneys, Saks or anywhere at the old price? I'm having a rough week. My laptop crapped out (I'm on my office computer-hope I don't get busted), my roof may have sprung a leak and I can't get my CLs. Also, today I found out my Ugg classic cardy order got canceled too. :crybaby: Someone please tell me my week will get better.
  2. Aww lawchick! I hope everything turns out okay for you. <hugs> Sending you positive shoe vibes. :flowers:

    If you want I can give you my SAs number at Saks NYC. I think her business card has her direct number or something because whenever I call she answers very quickly. I also have the cell of another SA there. PM me if you want the info.

    A $55 price increase for the simple pump?:nuts:
  3. It's worth it IMO.
  4. Have you tried calling Bergdorf Goodman? I don't remember if they carried the black Simple 85, but I recall seeing a lot of CL's classic shoes when I stopped in early last week. You should give the store a call to see if this is a shoe they carry. Hopefully they haven't raised the price and you'd also save on tax.
  5. Goodluck. If Saks NY can find them tomorrow there is an ECG.
  6. Thanks for all of your responses. I'm going to try Bergdorf and NM. If that doesn't work I'll try a different SA. Thanks for your offer Lavender, I just might take you up on that.
    I'm so stressed right now! I'm just dropping by the office and headed out the door again. Trial prep for tomorrows trial. :sad: Thanks!
  7. Good luck with the trial! You should indulge yourself with a pair of CLs once the trial is over. That's usually how I get through the insane periods that litigation can bring. I'll have my fingers crossed that you find the simple 85!
  8. lawchick - you should try to get a Saks.com representative locate the shoe for you, especially since the shoe is available in camel on the website now for $520, plus if you place your order you will get a $50 EGC.
    Good luck and I hope the week gets better for you.
  9. I did have Saks do a locator. They said that according to their system they had 2 pairs left. But when it came down to it they couldn't actually find the shoe in the store that was supposed to have it. I don't know. It all sounded like the NYC store didn't want to part with the shoe so they could get the commision.

    I just thought of something. I wonder if the CL boutique quoted me the price of the New Simple pump. Hmmm. Well, I think I'll devote some time to this over the weekend.