1. SOOOOO I spent about an hour yesterday chatting with my SA at Scottsdale Fashion Square...(she's AWESOME, you all should visit her ;)!!!)

    ive been trying to decide on a couple of new bags, one for everyday wear and tear and another for law school...and this is what she told me :cursing:

    She said, "Just between us, but we are planning on increasing our prices soon...around May 7th! It's not a DRASTIC increase but like one bag is going up over a 100 bucks...and she said not ALL items are going up but a majority of them are!!!" :yucky: So bassically she was urgeing me to go ahead with my purchases now...at first i was like ok shes just trying to get the comission out of me, but i doubt it because i ussally get most of my things by her and i think shed hate to lose a loyal customer that she knows will buy stuff at the sale and beyond...right?

    but anyways...yeah it sucks...

    buttttt on the plus side, the gucci presale starts the end of may and the actual sale starts in june :yahoo: She suggested a couple of items that she knows i like that MIGHT (with a wink ;) ) go on sale and said shed keep them aside for me!!!! hehe :smile:
  2. Wow good to know, thanks!
  3. Ooooh please share of what will be on sale !:nuts::nuts:
  4. Girl, give us the scoop!! Did she say any specific bags that will be going on sale??

    Total bummer about the price increase.... although what's another $50 or $100 on a $1,400 bag? It COULD be worse....
  5. Thanks for the info
  6. Oh my! Thanks for the info! I'm waiting for a Jackie bag to come into our Gucci store...I hope it comes in before May 7!!
  7. no prob girls....anyone thinking of purchasing anything lately (ie tampagirl ;) ) i think you guys should just pay for it and wait for it to come in...if you want to save some moolaaaaa...if not ehhh its only 20-30 bucks, at the most 100! (im trying to be optimistic here ;) )


    Of course none of the classic items will be on sale...but she said most likely the straw bag will be, the canvas bag with Gucci script in rubber (i think) most likely will be (i wanted one as a huge tote wohooo!) and she said they will no longer put jewlery on sale!! Last sale was the last time that was offered!! :sad: boooo i love their bracelts and earrings!!

    Whats awesome for me (and im sure for you if u ask!) is im moving to oklahoma (no gucci there! :sad: ) in may and she offered to walk around with me and write down everything i liked and she said she will call when the sale starts and tell me the prices, and then i can just prebuy over the phone...she'll set it aside for me and then voilaa she will ship it out!

    SO VERY EXCITED! Hope there are some GOODIES this year!! Im actually glad the sale isnt until june...this way i can still get my LV for my bday (may 31st)

    MUHUHAHAHAH (my evil laugh ;) hehe)
  8. ^ thank you. ;)
  9. Good to know. I go to that same store but haven't been in about a month. I think I'll need to go back soon! :yes:
  10. thanks for the info.
  11. thanks for the info!~
    hopefully the wave bag wont be one of the ones that go up....or perhaps i should just go ahead and buy it in case it does go up. T_T

  12. I say buy it now. Better safe than sorry :graucho:
  13. T_T yea im "supposed" to be on a purse ban but... :crybaby:
    maybe i can let it slide this one time. :p
  14. aw your SA sounds so sweet. I think I would just wait for the sale lol. I would hate to buy something one day and a month later it's like 40% off! hmph!
  15. Thanks for the info! My SA told me the same last week. She said they've been increasing the prices gradually about 2x a year. Oh well...bound to happen I guess...

    Can't wait for the sale!!