Oh no! (PCE)

  1. I'm about to go to the Coach store to pre-order my leather Carly bag, and I notice that on the back of the card it says it's not valid for items on hold! do you think this will be a huge deal?
  2. That shouldn't be an issue at all with your pre-order. They do it all the time. I did call my SA yesterday and she said that they write up the order and then pull the items on Friday, so it's not really a hold. :shrugs:
  3. oh, i didn't clarify - the bag is actually on hold at the coach store (there are only, like, 3 of these bags left in NYC - i had no choice!)

    i guess if they make a HUGE deal of it I can always go searching for another one...
  4. I also have a Carley on hold at the Coach store (in NYC also) and I told them I was holding it for the PCE. They had no problem with it.