OH No.......Pastilles!

  1. My long chain Pastille broke :crybaby:

    One of the loops at the end with the clippy attachment has come open so it is easily fixed but do you think I should do it myself or take it back
  2. OOOO no!

    I would probably take it back.....
  3. oh no label addict!!!! I would take it back and see if they have a new one, other wise just get the pliers out! xx
  4. Oooooooooooo on!
  5. i'd take it back!!
  6. I would take it back.
  7. Sorry hope u get it fixed
  8. oh, no...I would def. take it in
  9. I would tak it bag so it gets fixed correctly.
  10. Definitely take it back- I wouldn't try to fix it.
  11. Happened to my pastilles keychain after I dropped it, ugh... took some pliers and pushed the thingy back together, no probs. I'd just do it myself.
  12. depends if you want the store to know.

    you could obviously do it your self, or you could bring it in just so the incident is noted in case of further incidents.
  13. eeek! take it back! :yes:
  14. Take it back.
  15. Since they are still available in stores, I'd probably take it back and get another one. It didn't happen due to something you did, correct? If it was faulty product, I'd definitely exchange.