Oh No, Paint On My Purse!


Dec 11, 2005
my house was painted in august and i think my beautiful, beautiful louis rubbed up against the wall and got a little paint on it. :crybaby: WHAT DO I DO?! i just saw the paint this morning and died a little inside. is it too late to fix?
My Bombay Satchel is in the Hands of LovinMyBags as we speak. Barb is very nice and helpful but she just emailed me today saying she had been out of the office for a few days so give her some time on the email.
I was panicky about my bag so I called them and Barb was the one who answered and helped me on the way to getting my bag fixed. No paint for me. Spilled Coffee.
If it was water-based paint, I think it could come off if you very lovingly and patiently used a very damp soft cloth and work at it.......if it were on the canvas area. So sorry for you.