Oh no..Oula goes BBag crazy!!*PICS*

  1. Uhoh..I really didn't mean to buy another bag right now..I swear, just bought my greige Twiggy which I love to death and above all I wanted to save some money for my NYC longterm trip:sweatdrop:

    But then this great deal pops up on eBay..from a lovely seller who happens to live in my city..
    who even offered me to check out the bag before bidding and other evil *needtobuybagdesperately* things..
    And there she was..a brand new, smooshy 06 CamelCity!!

    I was so weak...:crybaby: but now I'm:nuts::yahoo::nuts:
  2. Very nice my dear!! ;) This place does this to you....
  3. great looking bag and it looks great on you - such a nice color. congrats!!!
  4. Gorgeous. I love Balenciaga in caramel / camel.
  5. WOW!! Congratulations! Love the camel color and the leather. Absolutely gorgeous!
  6. Really beautiful!!! It looks great on you!!:yes:
  7. so totally gorgeous - you obviously :heart: it too! great find :p
  8. Love it and you rock it, too!:love: Congrats!:yahoo:
  9. OOOO...I love it! I think you did very well!
  10. congrats!
  11. smooshy gorgeousness...congrats! :yahoo:your new camel city looks amazing on you.
  12. I love the color & the leather! Yummylicious! :wlae:
  13. Oula, the 06 camel is such a rich, warm color. It is definitely one of my favorite Bal colors. Congrats!
  14. very very nice! not at all bad for a temporary lapse in willpower! :p
  15. That bag is beautiful and looks great on you! Love the charm, too.