Oh no.....not the UPS truck

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  1. So after dropping my daughter off at school we were driving home on the highway. There was a UPS truck in front of us, the doors flew open and packages came flying out. At first I was just trying to drive safely. After I saw package after package get demolished on the highway all I could think is please do not let there be coach bags in there.

    The driver pulled over and secured the doors it did not look as if anyone got hurt. I can not imagine how much paperwork and packages got destroyed though.
  2. Holy cow!!! That's CRAZY... I've never heard anything like that happen... Actually, I probably have, but I've never experienced it myself. I'm pretty sure I'd be traumatized if I had... lol...
  3. scary! glad everyone was okay
  4. bummer... but on the bright side, Coach ships fedex. :smile:
  5. no worries, coach uses FedEX
  6. What's that Movie with Tom Hanks . . . CAST AWAY the FedEx plane crashes in to the sea! Packages are insured, products can be replaced, it's people, other one of kind things, important documents that would be horrible to lose. It is not a perfect world!:shrugs:
  7. Glad nobody was hurt!!

    Now I just hope it wasn't all my new dishes that flew out of that truck! :sad:

    Years ago right after I had gotten my brand new driver's license we were behind a delivery truck and the back doors of the truck were open. My dad was next to me and he said "get away from that truck - you never know when something might fly out; and those doors shouldn't be open."

    As I was switching lanes -- refrigerators came tumbling out!!! They smashed all over the interstate and caused some major accidents. We stopped to help but were asked to leave when the police came.

    Ever since then, I do not ever follow big trucks!
  8. SCARY! I was unfortunate enough once to be passed by a pickup truck going way to fast and carrying a ladder in the back. He hit a bump and that ladder came FLYING at me. I managed to swerve to the shoulder (of the really crowded interstate), but that, too, was a lesson learned in who to stay away from on the road.
  9. Glad no one was hurt.

    LOL :yes:
  10. Good night I am having a bad day. First there was the UPS truck this am and now as I am going to pick her up I hear that her school is on lock down!!!
    What on earth, I can get no information. I guess in the grand scheme the UPS truck was not that bad.
  11. I was driving to the mall with my boyfriend last week. It was a bit windy out, but I didn't think anything of it. All of the sudden pink stuff was flying through the air. I was in the fast lane and had to dodge an entire pile of it. EEK! The man had the "pink stuff" aka foam insulation propped up in the back of the truck. It took lift off because of the wind. Not only did it lift off, but it flipped over the barrier. This man was traveling west in the left lane and I was traveling east in the left lane. Then for the next few miles down the road, there was pink stuff all over. You would have thought that the Pink Panther got squished! hehe. It was quite dangerous.

    I also do not drive behind trucks whose back cargo areas are open. Who knows when the wind is going to get it or when the driver stops short.

    Just thought I would share that with you all.

    busy- I hope things are alright at the school. :smile:
  12. That's gotta be terrifiying... the not knowing! hopefully it's just a precaution and everything is fine, will be saying prayers, update when you can. :smile:
  13. Wow o.o
  14. I was posting the following when I read your post about your daughter's school - I hope all was well.

    I was behind someone (but in the next lane) with a pick-up last winter - the guy had a sofa wrapped in plastic on the back of the truck The South East Expressway - to the south of Boston runs along the shore. The wind off the water was pretty high and the sofa (must have been mostly foam) just lifted up of the back of the truck. Because he was driving at a pretty good clip - it was like he just drove out from under it and the sofa landed in the middle of the highway. No one was hurt thankfully. It happened faster than it took me to write it.

    The funny thing was the guy didn't slow down or stop - no brake lights - I don't think he even realized he lost his sofa. Can you imagine the conversation when he got home!?
  15. I just wanted to update that my daughter is fine after the lock-down. She is in kindergarten and I had all of these imagines in my head of her huddled under a desk, scared, in a locked room. But she has a great teacher and she just made it a game. They did not catch the person that had escaped, but it sounds like no one was hurt.