Oh no, not again

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  1. I cannot believe this is happening to me. One of my original winners, never paid for a dress I was selling. I did open a nonpaid dispute and a previous bidder emailed me and asked if I could relist the dress. I relisted the dress and I ended the auction when she bid. She just emailed me and told me that she is having trouble with paypal and that her credit card or some kind of payment is not going through. She said it could take 2 to 3 days to get approval or she might use a friends paypal to make the payment. BTW she's from Lithuania and had also asked me if I could lower the fee on the customs form to just $20.00 after she had won and the dress costs $120.00. I told her I could not lie on the customs form. What should I do now? I'm so frustrated and I don't know if I should trust her. Should I contact paypal or ebay?
  2. I would say best to forget this one. Call ebay/PP and ask them if you can not ship and cancel this since there are so many problems. She cannot use the friend's PP because it will not match up to the buyer's info and you will not be covered. You have to send to PP address of buyer. Sounds like a bad deal all the way around to me.
  3. ^agreed. it's just not worth the hassel.
    Honestly if buyers are bidding, winning then asking for the seller to lie on the customs form why not do it before bidding on the item instead. Not that we would approve if done so, but at least they know where we stand when it comes to lying on customs and just not bid in general.

    sorry this is happening to you again OP! :flowers:
    hope everything works out
  4. If you're going to ship, make sure to have tracking number on the package.
  5. I just wanted to give an update. The buyer ended up paying through paypal and I just paid extra to ship the dress through Express Mail, so it will be insured and I will have delivery confirmation. I also informed her that I cannot lie on the customs form. I just hope she like's the dress and does not get upset about having to pay customs. At least I have it all documented in my ebay messages.
  6. Best of luck on this for a smooth transaction!