Oh No! No Speedy 35?

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  1. Okay Mods - first off, if you want to move me...sigh, I'll understand. I thought maybe though, all these lovely LV lovers such as myself would be able to give me the REAL lowdown on the showdown on my decision...so here goes....

    All this time, I've been selling selling, saving up for my coveted Speedy Mono 35. Soooo excited. FINALLY, the time came last night when I have MORE than enough to do so...and I'm psyched!!!!

    So I'm sitting here in the dining room last night with DH who adores ANYTHING LV and says "I don't think you should get the Speedy" because it's going to make you crazy. "Why?" I ask.......and he reminds me that I really do like a shoulder bag and that I should consider something else LV...and Alma, whatever. I do know what I like and I don't like and I'm kind not needing a ton of different styles in a Mono, you know?

    I said "But I have my Noe if I want a shoulder bag" and he just kinda humphed and just insisted that I wouldn't be happy.

    BUT THE SPEEDY (to me) IS THE ULTIMATE CLASSIC LV MONO BAG! If I already have a shoulder mono, what the heck - go for the classic, don't you think?

    Does anyone agree? Disagree? C'mon....seriously - am I right or am I wrong?
  2. Will you be wearing the bag or will your DH be wearing it? If you have a shoulder bag already and have been wanting the speedy 35 forever and you have the money to buy it, Buy it!!! You deserve it since you have been saving for it (you didn't charge it or anything which is more than I can say for me!!) and my opinion is you should get it!! You really will love it and appreciate it just that much more because it was something you REALLY wanted and not an impulse. Go get it! And post pics when you do!:woohoo:
  3. I say go ahead and get the speedy. like you said you already have a mono shoulder bag so when your not feeling to hold the speedy you can always switch to your noe. Go for it especially hearing how bad you want it
  4. The Speedy is my very favorite out of all my LV bags. Bar none. (And I have a batignolles horizontal, noe, tulum, alma, etc.). Get a Speedy! You won't regret it for a minute!
  5. Go and get the Speedy 35. It's a classic LV piece :love: You could always use any of your LV shoulder bags later... :smile:
  6. Do you want the speedy 35 because you love it, want to wear it, see yourself with it or just because it is a classic that is looking great when being carried? If you love it then do what you planned for so long!
  7. getting the speedy doesn't mean you shall never be allowed to wear a shoulder bag again- personally i would find the 35 too big but i am teeny weeny. best to go for a mix of bags for different occassions i think!
  8. You are right and I agree with you, 100%. You've been working hard at saving! You deserve to buy what you want. It's not like he's going to be the one to carry the darn thing.
  9. Totally agree with you. Tell DH to stick with what he knows! LOL
  10. I'd get what I want and not what someone else tells me I should get! You are the one that's going to carry it and you have to be happy! Speedy 35 is great and the Speedy is definitely a classic and an LV icon!
  11. Get the Speedy 35. It's a classis that never goes out of style. Besides you already have a shoulder bag.
  12. Get it! That size looks so chic & you're obviously in love with it. :love:
  13. I'm also a shoulder bag referee yet I love my speedy and never felt it a mistake. You will love it, I say go gor it.
  14. Joelle,

    I completely understand what you're going through. My DH is always giving me his opinions when it comes to choosing bags (and wallets). Let me just say that I listened to him twice and ended up regretting it. I had been debating between the MC Speedy and MC Ursula so I followed his advice and got the Ursula which I ended up exchanging for something else. My first LV wallet was the Mono Porte-Tresor which I bought under his influence :mad: :noggin: and I had to sell it in order to purchase the one I initially had in mind. Needless to say, I don't listen to him anymore!!!!!! :nogood: Go and get your Speedy 35. Decide for yourself if you'll keep it or not. BTW, I own a 35 and love it.
  15. I personally dislike shoulder bags since everything falls off... At first I didn't like the handheld only for the speedy (unless you're super skinny), but now I exactly love it for being handheld since it doesn't wrinkle your clothes as a shoulder or messenger bag and if you need to carry heavy stuff it doesn't hurt you shoulder if you have some arm muscles.